Thursday, January 1, 2015

Health Update

The last couple of posts were written over a period of time that didn't include when I have had a major set back. My back/rib cage hurts. A lot like pluerisy like feelings in the lungs but this is in the back and rib.

I don't know and, at this point, due to the holidays and Dr.s being out of town, THEY don't know what is going on. It has been unreal. And I have been astonished at the level of pain it has produced.

I am hoping they get to the bottom of things. But, as they are on vacation, I can't expect to see any of them until Monday. I'm sure my problem won't go anywhere and will gladly wait for them.

I have never really had the health to "celebrate" the New Year the way that most do. Yesterday was the first time I didn't even acknowledge the fact that it was a holiday- things were that bad. It was simply a day of the week in which one of the worst moments of my life took place.

The all clear was given for the infusion. I had it. I felt worn out but okay during it. Then I woke this morning and could feel I had been given a powerful med that dragged my body's abilities down. I sat in bed awhile before being able to walk upstairs. My lungs felt more of a "drag" on them. Which is a new symptom. J. has had a cold so it could be I just finally got it.

My heart is really drawn out to those who suffer. Had my pain lastest more than it did- I don't know if I could have made it. By that I don't know if I would have passed out, or just suffered more and wanted death to come. Having a son really makes a person push through more than they think.

Just setting my mind on the goal to get to the hallway, to sit up, to stand, to walk- were all very focused. All the effort my body still has was put toward that effort. I couldn't do it alone. That is a story in itself.

But I now have a reminder of mortality. Again. A POIGNANT one. Pain is awful. To have a body that works and that you can depend on, take care of...... I just am in awe. It is a new year. I wonder what it will bring! I pray in the deepest part of my heart that I do not have to cross into any more of what I felt.

I want to thank J. The depth of compassion on his part, REaders is beyond my ability to put words. He helped me "push fluids." My back hurt so bad that he put ice in Zip Lock bags late one night and put them under me when I called out for help.

He would bring me some water with a straw in it and MAKE ME drink it. Keepin' me hydrated! He's made me dinner tonight of Velveeta Mac and Cheese. Which is quite sweet. Padre & mom have been doing typical Jan. 1 st things; cleaning and putting away some of the holiday decorations. I asked that the tree stay up for just a little bit longer.

More soon,


We were way off, Readers! I had a thought it might be pleurisy- the rib cage pain. But with GERD and everything else, it had me looking in a different direction. Pleurisy is when the sack around your lungs gets inflammed. Either by bac or virus, it makes it feel like, "sand paper" rubbing against your lungs and anything around it. So you try not to breathe and that seems to help until you have to yawn or something.

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