Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Heart - 1/20/2015

this small star makes me happy.
Kurt's Valentine "Sweetie" is hanging in the kitchen and whenever I sit down for a meal and look over at it, it makes me smile!
Is it the color? Bright, cheery, just Sweet!
There are just some things, moments, times I have had that make me happy.
Often they happen unexpectedly.
Today there were a few things that made me grateful. Well, alot of things.
The biggest was driving all over the farming areas west of our home looking for a friend's home.
Jaden was giving me the directions. When he'd gone there by himself, he was busy talking and having fun; so when we tried to "re-find" their place; we ended up in the car for some time.
I had only so much energy left so when we got the approximate address; it was none too soon.
Being 'lost' with J. was actually nice.
(finding them probably made that factor
Don't you also love when you can drink hot cocoa, eat some food whipped up real quick, talk and enjoy your family or friend?
 and you don't want it to end?
But it gets late?
And you have to go home and go to bed?
That was one thing.
(Two is better than one : )   )
So I recieved a package today from Best Made Co. They fixed an order that was made around Christmas. Inside was a card from Nick, who helped me pick out the hand made Christmas gift for J. and also talk about other items.
I have put pics up in other posts of their clever badges that say things like: Courage, Fortitude,
They have some cool logo ones. But the one that we really have needed is the one that says:
Be Optimistic.
Nick wrote on my note to "Stay Optimistic."
That's when the waterworks came. It's hard to become or obtain a quality. Even harder to maintain it, don't you think?
Thank goodness for others. I don't think I could have made it through all of these things without others. I have good friends. I am amazed at the blessings that have come in our lives.
So many times I wondered or knew that the reason something took place would make sense later.
Almost two decades ago I recall a few things happening- my health taking a turn for the worse,
and my heart breaking over something that I wanted but knew wasn't the way it should go.
Inside I knew it would make sense but it didn't make it easier at the time.
Now, I can say to myself: "That makes sense it worked out or didn't work out."
J. is the reason.
He is the answer to all my questions. I didn't know it at the time. I would have hated to have missed all the calm, peaceful, happy moments I have had as a result of the tumultously painful ones that preceded him.
I hope you Readers have people to talk to. The other night J. went on a camp out and I was stoked to have some time to talk and chat or hang out with friends and EVERYONE I knew or tried to call was on a DATE!
yeh, I know!
So I tried to write in my journal and read. And rested. Worked out fine. But still!

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