Saturday, January 31, 2015


 (All stars made by Kurt and Becky Knudsen off of etsy. But they are swamped so be aware your order has 79 before it for Vday)
             It is a shame I am in the process of  tapering in ski season. Because it really bites. And ya need snow. We were riding on the fact that the closest mountain- well, slope side- was twenty minutes away and actually got some good snow!!
Give a three cheers, hoorah with your hands in a fist.
But. Mid week it decided to get really warm, for Idaho. IN the 30's. So there was melting. Then Freezing. Which equals ice.
Which meant that I took J. up to snowboard- not ski- notice I said snowboard cause that comes in handy later. So he wants to snowboard or try it out.

(Yes, The Blue Bird of Happyness is givng one of my stars a piggy back cause I am on prednisone.)
So while I was having a personal moment in the loo he knocks on the door.
ME: "Yay - ah??" simultaneously thinking: "He saw me just five seconds ago." Mind you I can't find him if there is something that is seriously needing to get done. okay so he knocks. and I say a tired response.
(okay this is my original favorite star. Christmas Theme Star. It is over the kitchen sink. So you are happy when you do dishes. I haven't done them in some time. So thanks, mom. And sorry.)

J: "So we can still get in time even though it isn't the whole day!!"
ME: "Awesome!" I say sarcastically.
Then I am washing my hands. Leaning on elbows for support.
knock. knock.
You have to be kidding me.
ME: " " ---- wait, I didn't say anything, I just opened the door with with a soapy hand.
J: "Guess what! I called up there and they said it is, 'soft, kinda like powder. the perfect day for skiing."
ME: "What kind of report is that?" I said wondering if they are being honest with a kid over the phone while looking at my seriously swollen face in the mirror and wondering how I was going to find make-up that could hide moon face.
These are the people- the ones who told him the sketchy snow condition. - who sold a ticket to a kid when all the HS kids were leaving and telling us it was really icy and they were happy to put him in a rental snowboard late at night.  I get that they need to hedge their situation. But honestly.
I was so glad I stopped that and said: "Just ski."

(I wish this purple star I gave my mom was a tad more light purple. I will find the perfect one for her)

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