Saturday, January 17, 2015

Outdoor Adventure Picture Contest!

Mountain Mom and tots just posted a link to a site that focuses on family and the outdoors. I know it seems to be the antithesis to my life lately. But I have a son that breathes it and I am in the process of trying to resucitate it. Anyway- They have a picture contest.

You and your fam outside. Doing something. It could be croquet. Whatever. Just send in a photo. And don't vote for yourself like I did until I read the information telling me not to.


I submitted a pic of Jaden indoors. In his sleeping bag. I like to do things in revers, I guess.

At this moment he is actually OUTDOORS in that sleeping bag that he saved up for and took for a test drive the other night by closing the vents downstairs and was just "testing it." I had to double up on blankets to keep from freezing.

(Harriman Park- Great Place to Cross Country Ski that is close by I.F. The city also has two places in the city limits that skiers can take to if interested. Tauphaus Park and Freeman Park both have trails!
Pretend J. and a zillion zit riddled faces putting up their tents and trying to heed the advice of their leaders to keep from "getting wet in the snow" and to try and "stay dry."  For the record J. said his bag did great in the negative 3 degree weather last night. )

You can win some surprises for entering the contest but ya need the votes. Hence, my plea here on the blog.  Check out some of the other pictures- they are pretty fun. And feel free to run against us with your family outings. I know a lot of you have some impressive photos of family funness in the Great Outdoors.

So here is the site:

(I held that watermelon all the way from I.F. to Island Park on my lap. I wonder if I should have submitted this pic.... hmmm. Or put that melon in a car seat. Oh, yeh, there was no room.)

Our pic is of him in an orange sleeping bag so it should be easy to find.  Yes, it is supposed to be of family and being outside. However, Readers, you know what that would entail for me. And why I can't get out there but how we are trying to help me enjoy what he does with GoPro.

A lot of planning goes into adventures. Even with a sick mom, someone has to orchestrate the food, budget, destination, etc. etc. ! It takes the whole family to make it happen!

But like the pic shows- he is giving it a test run. I just hope he is not soaking wet right this moment as it has been snowing..... Which means he had to put his tent up in the snow, is standing around a fire in the snow, or eating spam because the snow made a fire impossible.

 I gave my best advice and went over his list before he left. After being gone five minutes he was back to grab his gloves. Yup, those are important. Cross your fingers he survives his first hike/winter camp out with the scouts.

When he gets home he will have to quickly transition from scout to skier as he is heading up to Kelly Canyon for some night skiing. They have had some unusually good snow this year. It's close, affordable and if you network, you can chip in on rides to the mountain.

I gotta take a break. More later.

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