Monday, September 24, 2012

Skyline HS Football Info., Fav. Tackles and Mouse Darbs

Well, our boys in blue suffered a loss.
It was a tough blow.
But the good news is- the address to send donations help our Grid Kids is:
3045  Laurence Ct.
Doug Swanson heads up the program.

Even though we had a loss to a very good team, J. was in high spirits after the game.

Immediately afterward he asked me: "So, mom, what was your favorite tackle?"
uhhhh.... hmmmm. I dunno.
He did do a different little dance after each tackle and I was tempted to base my
decision on this. 

ya know, I think I liked the one where you tackled the kid behind the line of scrimmage
and you were up so fast and did your skip and arm pumping as you walked
away from it.
"Yeh, that was a pretty good tackle." he smiled looking down at his excited and admiring little cousins staring up at him and recognizing who he was, now that the helmet was removed. 
 I asked his 3 year old cowboy nephew
if he was going to play football when he got older.
"No, I'm not."
he replied matter of fact.
But after seeing J's mouth gaurd-assuming it was candy- he had a change of
heart, vowed he'd play the game if he could just get a 
a "mouse darb."

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