Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old Trail Town, and Madre's Sympathies for The Sundance Kid and Pals

The cabins and the school house pictures from my last post from the
Old Trail Town; one of the many sights to see while in Cody, Wyoming. Surrounding cabins from that area were carefully taken down, put back together again and made into a "little town" that would resemble the olden days.
Each cabin is filled with furniture and tools used from that time period

and most are identified by who stayed in them. The Saloon there is pretty authentic, but of course bone dry. So if you are passing through remember to bring your own water or drink of choice to ease the pains of your long haul.

Remember, I didn't actually "see" any of these cabin's insides until I got home and the pics were uploaded. They make me want to go back when I can because I love old stuff. 
The Irma hotel

(the telephone and J.)
was the one  establishment I did get through. I love the old woodwork, clever suites called 'Buffalo Bill;, and such, and the sound of your footsteps creaking up old stairs and down old hallways.
Which is why I was glad we stayed at the Tuckered Out Inn where everything was quiet and quite simple in comparison.

It was early morning, I thought we were gonna bee line home. But then Padre veered to the Old Trail Town.

Once I was home, able to go through Padre's pics I got excited for J. to study more of this during his Idaho history year. Can you imagine meeting some of these characters?

Madre missed seeing Old Trail Town, too as she was pow-wowing with me in the car- so as she looked at the pics on the computer her ever optimistic, believing self couldn't believe this picture of fine looking young men could have been so bad.

"They look like fine men. Oh, that couldn't have been Butch Cassidy they look like upstanding individuals."

Mom, they robbed banks, trains- took off with horses and cattle.  Murdered. They had  highly concealed places  in the canyons that are the equivalent of today's Taliban, Ji-ha has. Of course they are dressed nicely for this picture. They could afford to buy nice clothes and live the high life. That was their motivation: The money and luxury.
And loose women from the expensive brothels!!

"You're right." she said with reluctance, saddened that these 'fine young outlaws' hadn't made better choices back then but I'm sure she is confident they have repented of their ways on the other side. And if they haven't they will one day meet her and probably have a turn about.

She's good to have around if you are a guilty party and could probably be a US government ambassador for one of the countries that we are not on good standing with in the political arena. She could make friends of us all before the day was out.

Or be on the bad guys good side.

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