Monday, September 10, 2012

Change- Fall 2012

It amazes me how quickly things change.
The wind is in full force, meaning fall and football are well under way,
school is back in session
whicn means Idaho history for J. this year and more math to master.
This plant is in its winding down moments whereas just this spring,
it looked like a completely different
plant altogether: 
Different birds frequent it, versus the hummingbirds that came in the spring.
But I am ready to be "done" with the yardage detail. Yes, I will still water you, flowers and see how far you can make it before the frost gets ya.
But in the mean time, there is homework to tackle, Grid kids tackling each other and a post I need to put on here about a "Padre Vacation" that we took this summer. It is somewhat hysterical.

AND historical as we went to The Buffalo Bill Historical Museum
in Cody, Wyoming.
I was thoroughly impressed by the pictures I got to see of it once we got home.
(I'll tell you why my limited time in the musuem was, well, limited.)

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