Friday, September 7, 2012

Perspective- Hydrangea Comparison from the Spring

No big Hostess snowball hydrangea blooms appeared on the hydrangea bushes this summer.
It  was a disappointment. And I wondered if it was
But then I saw this picture of the same bushes taken in the spring.
Thought they were dead--- but, lo!
It was me that saved their brittle little souls!
They lived, became green and who knows what gorgeous bushy blooms will hang from their stems come next year!
(I'm totally prepared for them to simply be green bushes, to have lost their ability to bloom and am satifsifed with that. I will even cover them over the winter to deflect frost. AND call Town and Country for tips on what to do to the soil and if I should do ANY pruning due to the outcome this year.-
Let ya know what I find out.

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