Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rewind back to: The Winding Down of Summer

Fall is very much underway but I had to go back and blog about a couple things about Summer
and the transition into Fall that always strike me. 
This day was one taken back when it was still Summer.
However, it was the first day that the breeze seemed to whisper for Summer:
"I won't be here much longer."
The breeze is a bit cooler, the sun somehow casts a different glow on the sprinklers and the water.
Things seem clearer, like getting an update for your contacts/glasses after an eye exam;
everything is in sharper focus.
For some reason I want to capture it and keep it because it's beautiful in a sad sort of way.
And it's not sad just because winter in Idaho can be dreadful.
It seems to fall into the category of watching something, or someone grow.
Such as the not so little boy above.
Wasn't I just taking pictures of him on his uncle's long board at the end of
Maybe my reasoning for trying to capture it on film, commit it to memory or somehow put down on  paper words to describe it, is so that I can return to it again some time.
Even the Sunflowers bow down to the fact; realizing they have to submit to the changes of Fall too.
My Mammoth Sunflowers climbed so high and peaked for about two days with large round faces before plunging head long over the potatoes.
That could be due to the fact I didn't get out there and "hill up" some dirt around them for a better base.
I like this pic for two reasons- the one sunflower bent over my project seems to have the attitude and
health that I had over the summer and spring:
"I've had it! Thank goodness I can lean on this pole my gardener stuck out here."
And I also thinking:
" Too bad that gardener didn't think about optimal placement in the direct sunshine and water me more!"
The second: The color of the weeds. The fires in the surrounding areas have been turning the sun into a deep orange and red at sundown and
have almost colored our air the same hue as these weeds above in my walla walla patch. 
And even though you can't see it because I can't take a good pic, the weeds in turn seem
to have been "burnt" by those fires and cast a rosy hue at dusk.
Quite lovely actually.
I can't wait to dig and see if any of the onions I planted are beneath the dirt.
And then there are cute little things like these berries beside my Rutabaga patch that pop out when fall enters the picture and I think:
"Oh, no! I'm not ready to be done looking at my garden!"
And I'm not done wandering outside and seeing my son play with the hose and be a kid.
Because, unlike my onion patch, there is no doubt that growth will take place
whether I watered him or not!!!!
Another summer, gone faster than you can blink an eye!
Wait- there is one more thing wrong with the garden that is visible above- the lettuce gone to seed.
After harvesting so much lettuce, going through the endless cleaning of the leaves and having mildly soggy salads and then NOT being able to eat it my much loved salads;
I got a little lazy and defiant.
So they are now towering and holding their own better than the Sunflowers.
Good news is that we have potatoes, carrots, and some rutabaga to live off of if it comes down to it.
Time to pull out those rutabaga recipes I printed off when I planted the vegetable.
And thanks to a neighbor, we have a bunch of peaches that need to be
An art that I need to work on. 

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