Sunday, September 30, 2012

GRRRR-iiiiiZZZ Emotion Bowl Win Repeated by Grid Kids

(A rival trying to hold J. back....)
So I missed the BIG game. I was forced to listen to it on the radio and about had a nervous breakdown.
After rallying back from behind, the Boys in Blue, now up 24-20; faced 40 seconds (something like that) and a first and goal from I.F.
At the 5 yard line.
Why must you do that to us team??
Then it was 3 yards but the D held them twice over and we
The next day the mini versions of 2021 carried the momentum of the nationally ranked rivalry
between Skyline and I.F.
and beat the Idaho Falls Grid Kid team!

(Not gonna happen today, guy! In fact, not only will I get around you, but I will do this:)

You might be wondering what the afros on some of the helmets are,
They are called The Guardian and are extra protection for concussion.
That makes me feel better.

A sweet TD.

And another sweet touch down.

All made possible by these guys... the line. This is a different game- the one that handed us a loss.
These guys were HUGE. And a some were a year older. Sorry, I have to give the disclaimer.

It didn't stop J. from some sweet tackles, fancy footwork and dances after each one.
With all the games overwith he had some down time with friends. I asked him what he did:
"Played Football."

Parents, I have more pics of the kids. Will try to get them uploaded to our facebook page via Coach P.

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