Sunday, September 23, 2012

How To Sharpen Your Pencil

On a routine trip to the library this book, displayed on the new book cases, shocked me, and I will tell you why.
Padre had given us (J. me and La Madre) a tutorial in
pencil sharpening
within the last six months!

 J. had crammed a crayon into the best double barreled pencil sharpener we had, and Madre, who'd felt it was "broken";  beyond repair, had thrown it away. Only to have Padre rescue it
from the garbage and fix it.
However, the holder for the shavings went out earlier and was never recovered.

I don't know if an antique one, or not. Regardless, all items must be
reviewed for throw away....

So back at the library, my eyes widened,
due to the time restraints, I quickly grabbed the book off the little easel propping it up for attention    on the shelf and checked out.
As one who likes to write, I was utterly astonished that there could be a book published on the art of pencil sharpening.
It had to be a joke. The author had been a political cartoonist before venturing out
on pencil sharpening.
I opened it to this page and was reassured...
Warm up exercises before sharpening the pencils.C'mon.
 But the witty author commenced to give a very detailed book on sharpening pencils.
I never knew.

Well, I'd had Padre's tutorial after he'd meticulously mended the
double barreled sharpener.
Which is the best one I've ever used.

If this doesn't give hope to writers everywhere, I don't know what does.


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