Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are Cars Religious?

Because of my "rides" humble and unique origins, her name is Mary. Her first owners were Catholic, I discerned from the various displayed tokens of the Virgin Mary throughout the van.
The second owner, little brother, had purchased Mary from a sweet family who'd raised several children above those rotating wheels that probably took many a child safely to soccer and piano practice.
oh! I'd hoped this car would go to the right person! the mother said to little brother- who is deceptively quite the guy.
I even prayed it would find the Right home! she said, firm he was the next owner.
Little did she know that brother was going to tear out Mary's back seats
and use her like his other Astro Van; as a tool haulin' truck for his Tiling business. But for some reason brother left physically intact and the symbols of the lil van's faith:
The  Mother Mary car decal, arms spread and radiant beams outward emanating-
the same Virgin clipped to a diaper pin and thread through and dangling in the driver's side visor, all stayed in their prospective spots. 
LUCKILY-- I purchased Mary to do what her previous owner's had used her for, shuttling children to and from their practices, before he could disassemble the vehicle.
Not being Catholic, I took the tokens down and slipped them into one of the drawers up front in honor of the mother that had prayed it would find a good home- because lo, and behold!
It did!
And it has been a trooper since then, serving its purpose- Mud, crud, gravel, tree branches and up and down hill rutted roads all handled easily and comfortably:
to whatever religion it adheared throughout the sales it went through.
Whether or not cars are extensions of their owner's religious beliefs, is a heated question to ask, especially during Presidential Election year, but sometimes I wonder.....
We'll see come November.

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