Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ten Lawns From Now.....

ME- talking during Pillow Talk Time and then interrupted.

J: "You should see it mom. there is this bike...." he continued, in a state of infatuation.

This made me look around his room at all his bike stuff and think:

"What for?"

J: "oh,  oh, sorry to interrupt you, mom, But do you mind if I tell you about this bike that I could buy  ten lawns from now?"

Me: Sure, I was just telling about the importance of flossing, how it reduces the chance of cavities by a huge percent. And how it attributes to overall health- Einstein told his kids in a letter to be sure to brush his their teeth as it would help with illness BEFORE there were all these studies to support it! Pretty boring though- go ahead with your interruption. And, heck, look at me. I took care of my teeth and an immune disorder and meds have messed up my mouth. So continue with your dream!

j: " It has a back fat tire that can help me. blah, blah bluh. "

Me:  I thought you wanted such and such with the money you have earned from" twenty lawns". And don't you have those, those, uh, bike thingies already??

He has his arms behind his head and looking up dreamily to the ceiling as if he were expounding on all the traits of  a girl he liked he continued without hesitation.

(Minions love bananas as you can see.)

J: "It is a Specialized bike, (something about brakes and other parts of a bike that I really don't understand but try to follow) and it comes in this cool lime color.  With dark green on the blah, blah."

(dunno if this is it)
Me- Feeling relieved he isn't talking about a girl in this much detail.And recalling a time when I could set a goal and save my money with each pay check, instead of seeing a lot of it going to the dentist for teeth I took care of but prednisone helped me ruin.

J: "I can show you a picture."

ME: I already have a good idea from your description but sure, why not put off bed time.

J: "In ten lawns I could get (fill in the blank) - such and such. Heck, I could even get such! "

He went on dreaming. And telling me about bicycling needs in certain terrain or situations. And how having several, for different things, is o.k. While in my mind I thought of what my dinero goes to and for. And how I have gotten off the dreamers path and onto the necessity path.

Like this guy below: He wants to mountain bike when in snows. With car tires on his bike,now he can.

I remember dreaming.
In fact, I recall waking up from one just now due to RA pain.
Sometimes I still dream" in healthy," and that is when I am not inhibited by RA or Crohns, side-effects or the "down in the dumpsies".  And I am doing normal things.

Waking from those dreams are the
Like waking in a different place, other than your room, and your memory has to adjust as well as your eyes to the surrounding area.
With that adjustment settles in the reality.
Hearing J. talk got me thinking I needed to start dreaming too.
That "giving up" on those dreams due to health or financial circumstances in unhealthy.
Like me wanting a bike, too. And riding with friends. I wanna do that!
Here is a dream I had of a bike.
This bike is uber expensive. But back in the day when I coached baseball, it would have been perfect to throw mitts, bats, blankets, hats, what ev in this back.
A healhty me would ride this to market. It's turning into winter however. So this bike would have to have the Specialized tires from up above. And a healhty me.
so in my dreams.
But isn't it functional?
They call it an urban bike. But to me it doesn't look anything like keith urban.
It looks like one efficient bike. That would replace a car.
Especially since Mary ( my car) is resting in peace.
My p.t. got a bike especially fitted for him. So that his back and all that are in alignment.
I don't know his people. But I wish I had people that his people could get in touch with.
Now that I am thinking of impending winter and my fingers are loosening up from typing a bit and moving around, I am wondering what a winter dream of mine would look like.
It's hard when you have stopped dreaming to upstart. Especially if you are not capable.
So let's see....
When you are here your dreams have to be realistic. I have really enjoyed the dream of reading a book of Susan Branch's.
She went to England on a cruise ship. That would be sooooo amazing. To stay in little bed and breakfasts. Write in your journal while big, soft sheep grazed around you.
Love Susan for doing this for me as I am unable!
And thank you K for sending it. I love it.
A friend brought me the best cupcakes. I dreamt of those one week and lo and behold-
she shows up with cupcakes that were heavenly.
Speaking of heaven, I think that is where my dreams and wishes get routed. Seriously, I put out a prayer and then it comes. Or something comes.

Just a blade of grass at a time, like J. said.  
Oh, I have wanted to travel back east to visit some friends and see some sites with J.
For some reason I want to eat lunch at Kevin Pearce's Dad's place.
And wander through the shops that display his glass work and even watch how they make the glass.
I don't know how many lawn equivalents that would take me.
Thankfully one of my dreams of getting a new curling iron happened.
That was so NICE.
And I got my hair cut after a long stint of not. I kept it long- no prednisonal major changes.
But maybe I will be brave and do something different once I'm off the pred. and have shed some!
I want my hair like this. But I think I need to have this person's hair, or be this person. So it doesn't work.
Or be able to do my own fish tail bun. this is very hard.
And not being able to spend time in my garden this summer meant my hair didn't get bleached.
So..... I don't have any nice blondish/honey looking strands of hair.
Oh, well.
In life's scheme- not a big deal.
I have a tip for mouth sores.
Fixes canker sores like you wouldn't believe. I think I have posted this. But after putting it on a Dime sized or even NICKEL sized canker....
The person in need of canker help rolled around in the chair for several minutes as the pickling powder did its thing but, yes. it is better than anything at shrinking and taking away canker pain.
follow up with good dental hygiene of course!
I am using Clinpro 5000 to help re-enamel my teeth, I guess.
It doesn't make me want to cry when I brush.
After the dental appt. the other day I have had some major nerve shocks at points.
I think that is what woke me up. I must have had my mouth open and then breathed warm air or cold air and it sent me through the roof. And the RA
I used to be able to eat popsickles with my front teeth. side teeth. Back teeth.
Same with ice cream. No problemo.
That has changed. Unless all this dental work can recover my receding gums.!
With all the care I give my teeth( i. e. brushing with a soft bristle, going super easy on them. Using special tooth paste,  my jaw dropped when I watched Padre brush his  like some construction worker using a concrete vibrating machine to break up cement sidewalks.
diversity. we all have different teeth and gums.
(j. would love this stooge spoof. gotta show him)
Can I ask what you are reading with your kids? My son started out with Walk Two Moons.
I made him read an Ensign article tonight due to the fact I can't find that book. And he wasn't stoked on it.
He actually learned some stuff and got emotional about it. The article is about
I learned too.
I am in love with minions.. They can pretty much cover any mood.
Well, I am going to wander over to Susan's blog to relax,. maybe read up on some RA info.
Possibly read about

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