Friday, September 20, 2013

Eavesdropping on J's Prayer

Well, not really eavesdropping. I was there, it was family prayer. On top of the bed to ease the burden of hard floors on the knees. Which come to think, I don't kneel normally anymore. It is a sideways lean.
Hope it still counts.
 When I come here to tell about what J has said,   that's when I FEEL  it is eavesdropping! But I have to share because it is so sincere.
And one day he will be saying his prayers without me. Or without that tenderness.
It's hard to have a boy grow!
After suffering from a really bad week's worth of a canker sore, hard work, home work, and other life lessons, the simple
 words from an exhausted  soul (J.) right before he zonked out makes me realize
God is real.
 I won't repeat  all the special words that seemed to drift from his mouth and were soaked up by His Father in Heaven because he is so true.  Here are some that are okay, I think, to write.

One about the little ones born into our family,  are so tender. They the kids= light up when he enters the room, it's really quite cute. ...

"...thanks for the roof over our head. that you've helped me work hard. I have never done this much"
(referring to mowing, saving, paying his tithing and then NOT spending what he has.)

then there was
sweetness about me. which of course makes me cry. and then something I've never thought to ask God to do
: " ... please bless the babies, that they will stay cute."

So far, they have.

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