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Shave Your legs on Prednisone! Or immune suppressed!

One day after shaving my legs I sent a picture to some close friends. It was a pathetic selfie of the  immuninty road I ride. It looked like I'd used a
very dull blade, had the measles and chicken pox then simply rolled that blade over the scabs..

I haven't talked to them much so the picture had to be a surprise.

Wasn't the best topic to share after a long time no talk.

Here is J's response:

J:" Mom, you have little bleeding dots all over your legs, like you are bleeding from every pore...."as  he looked off into biblical passages stored in his brain; And felt possibly I was a leper.

ME: I know!  It isn't every pore that a hair grows out of, thank goodness, but I am gonna have to

STOP shaving.

on top of all the other Krrrr-ap this situation brings because this is just the last straw!

He went to play shortly after examining my legs.

While he played, I sat there in the the recliner examining my legs and wondering what in the heck I was gonna do.
For some reason, on prednisone, or in a flare, Or whatever: I can not shave without each hair follicle putting up a fight!
The result: red, screaming dots and massive razor burn. Which looks awesome on my white, purplish skin. As you age, legs tend to look like they need a surgeon in some way so maybe this is part of a lot of people's pain. And anyone can identify with this post. If not, you will

in geriatric years.
 Pastey white, pin pricked legs are not lovely.Maybe fake tanning lotion would alleviate the pain of someone losing their eye sight upon looking at thte whiteness of my legs. I may need to stick to jeans.
 Or I can courageously go granola, let my leg hairs grow out, and save my body from getting infections.
 Can't even pack into the mountains so how can I go that care free?

So I googled to help find a solutionl.

 After some research I found


an anti-microbial agent used to clean the skin, usually before surgery, and reduce any bacteria from creeping into the new holes you've made.
Some folks with folliculitis found this to help.


After shaving, I found it truly did work. hm. Now I don't have to be furrier than necessary.
I pretended to be as cautious shaving as a Dr. performing brain surgery, however.

 I Found Hibeclens for a pricey sum at Wal-Greens.
(you can even get a topical anti-biotic if the follicles are really infected)  

These  are the exaggerated surgical steps to shaving:
Wash the skin with normal soap and a wash rag.

1.Using a clean rag, wash again with the Hebiclens.

2. Let the razor soak in some Hebiclens if you have used the razor before. -the sites/forums I looked at said to use a new blade each time. I can't. That is expensive.

 3.Shave with shaving cream,  cheap conditoner/ shampoo works just as well in financialy tight  times.

 4.Rinse the legs using the Hibiclens once again and  with a clean wash rag.

As you can see I am being uber careful about the wash rags. I used hot water to rinse the blade after each swipe and a few wash rags. Because I am dealing with immune system problemos.

After all the hard work, I still had some  nicks due to useless prednisone skin and close shaving.
I haven't tried using an electric razor. Which would still give a razor burn to pred skin.

However, with the Hibiclens,
there were no huge amounts of bleeding, from every pore,

accompanied by the pin prick sores for days after. The skin also didn't suffer
from razor burn due to sensitive skin.

 Probably because I treated it like surgery, really slowed down and didn't rinse my razor in a sudsy sink full of shaving cream and hair. Yup, HOT water to rinse each swipe.

However, I still had to smear on Vaseline over my legs afterward. And to be honest, they still hurt a bit simply because the my skin is so thin. So I won't really shave much anyway, to avoid the pain.
I noticed that the Hibiclens helped  prednisone acne too. Dries it out. And keeps the face super clean..
Do not get this stuff in your ears!

AND here are some


to avoid Folliculitis- which is inflammation of those hair follicles,  because despite your immune system,  they can lead to


These bacterial infected follicles hurt. If you have more then one and they are clustered beneath the skin, they have another name that seems to belong to mariners or scary sea creatures:

Carbuncles and Furuncles

ewwwww. and ouch!!!

Do NOT try to pop a "furry uncle", as they will only spread your pain.And if it is MRSA- spread staph infection. Not wise.

You can put warm compresses on it, using a hot wash rag and the boil can resolve itself.
The boils odd/ Dr. Suess-ish name:
adds to the fun of these inflammed pores

Although they aren't furry at all, at least what I have seen, they are a red infected area neccesitating in drainage. If you experience fever, it's lasted more than two weeks, or keeps recurring in the same spot and hurts like Hates- call your Dr.

Most boils are caused by Staphylococcus aureus, a type of bacteria commonly found on the skin and inside the nose.

*I didn't know this part*.

Boils sometimes develop at sites where the skin has been broken by a small injury or an
insect bite,

which gives the bacteria e-a-s-y entry.

Or just the common every day shaving of your legs that I took for granted all those years.

More Tips to Avoid Pain and Suffering While Shaving.

1. Don't Share Razors- no brainer. but who hasn't?

2.Don't go hot tubbing or swimming in sketchy pools. (Ones that look like they may not get a chlorine test on a regular basis..... a cheesy, cheap hotel comes to mind. but I've been at expensive one and had the chlorine be messed up too. Poor chlorine pool people. Hard job. 

(I didn't and don't do any of these things,if I am flaring and super suceptible to illness.

 but if you are

 this is how you could get the miserable painful "furry uncles, or pass them on....

  • Close contact with a person who has a staph infection. You're more likely to develop an infection if you live with someone who has a boil or carbuncle (.Or go to your nearest my opinion)
  • Diabetes. This disease can make it more difficult for your body to fight infection, including bacterial infections of your skin.
  • Other skin conditions. Because they damage your skin's protective barrier, skin problems, such as acne and eczema, make you more susceptible to boils and carbuncles.
  • Compromised immunity. If your immune system is compromised for any reason, you're more susceptible to boils and carbuncles.
  • This is where I raise my hand, that I fall into this category, then put my head on my desk and just feel defeated.

  • All these conditions can get worse if they enter into your blood stream and that is when you can get

    deep body infections that you don't want to hear about.

    Soooooo, Hibiclens is

    Now if I could find the energy to shave more often.But despite the minor set backs. I have 3 Stooges
    (this is when they achieve something on a minor note or mess up something in a major way but think it is success.)
    I have another experiment with the Hebiclen I'd like to try:

     to see if I can clean wear earrings again.

     Since the onset of this disease, its meds or whatever, I've been allergic to earrings.

    I would put on a pair of hoops or chandelier earrings and within a short amount of time my ear had puffed up like Will Smith's in the movie Hitch.

    Ok. Not that bad. But it still was hard to face

    one more loss

    in the list of losses with Crohns, RA, Prednisone frequency and so on..
    Post later on that experiment later.

    This post made me a bit quezzy. Sorry


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