Thursday, September 12, 2013

Facebook and other Myths

It's hard to keep up with those who keep up with facebook.
After  not using it, you can run into users and be surprised to find that these people know more about yourself, loved ones, friends, past friends, those in the virtual world, people in the world, and in a very short time period.

It'a not their fault they facebook, happen to be on second to second news cusp, and you, having not facebooked, are in the dark with each second.  
But hey, I just woke up from sleeping and dreaming of being a college student trying to carry my bike up to my apartment and write on my laptop at the same time. The dark room added to my confusion and it took a minute to get my bearings, realize I am not in college and acutally have a son in the next room.- So those recall moments happen,
Except you expect to not be so disoriented or confused when you are awake, it is during the light of day and you have lost your communcation/memory bearings.
Like yesterday.
  I stumbled sluggishly in a conversation and, due to a sore throat slowly processed  the previous week, which was what the conversation was about- it was like waking to the dark room after a really believable dream and realizing reality.
The conversation happened with someone I really don't know well, but must facebook, or read a blog of someone close to me.
The really nice Person said: "Wow! So- and- so had quite a week!"
 I had to stop and think because I know so and so quite well. Then I realized I was WITH so and so some of that week and had to unravel what happened that made it quite the story.
Oh, Yes. Duh.
 It dawned on me or I realized that the person must have thought I read facebook or a blog. Or was closer to the situation.Which I wasn't. This person knew more than I did.
Working through the information fog, slowly I made the connections AND
Once I did, I could say without hesitation, that it was quite some week.
 : But, like Gru up above finding out that he sat next to a guy who stole the pyramid was surprised; so was I.
Oh, yeh. That was a crazy week!
Unfortunately the in depth questioning and alluding to information still cryptic continued..
 "How horrible that such and such happened!. And so and so  blah, blah, blee happened!"
I was totally off guard, again.
Had I not been informed about blah, blah, blee just five minutes prior to this conversaton, I would have crashed and burned.
Thankfully I knew the "news".
"Yes, it was".I said solemnly.
Should I face book, or confer with those that do, so I am
not in the dark?


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