Friday, September 27, 2013

Helping Grandmas Use Canes

Getting old is universal. I am finding that holding on to pride and abilities is also more prevalent across the whole page.
It has taken a lot for me to accept I need a cane. From purchasing it, letting it sit in the corner when I needed it in order to go some place and not have someone see me using it, to falling and realizing how stupid it was for me to hold onto my pride and fall when I could've held onto a cane a saved my brain.
This has been a progression of feelings. But, surprisingly, in some offices I have had old ladies ask me the question or comment on the cane.
Grandmother: "Did you find it hard to start using a cane?"
Me, looking around for my journal opened to the page talking about it: "Why,yes, Actually."
Unknown older person: "I need to use one of those but I can't bring myself to do it."
ME: "You are kidding me."
 I said in confusion at the person next to me, in the age group that I thought would gladly go to the store with motorized scooters and pick out her first cane. In her heart and mind she was just like me; stubborn.
Me: " Well, after I had taken a few falls, one of which gave me a nice concussion, I realized that it was more important for me to use it than take that sort of chance. "
She nodded like she was now more able to accept her aging body/disability, swallow her prior self and walk into the Scooter Store.
I didn't realize I would be helping Grandma's cross the street in this way.

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