Sunday, September 15, 2013

Memories Began

Well,  we finally started making memories.

According to a certain RV Ad, the place where "Memories Begin" was at their super center, where you bought a trailer, head up into the wilderness, slept safely amongst the wild, and maybe even acted wild. (cabin/tralier fever with a touch of prendnisone)

  Padre, with the help of J's pleading, bought into the advertisement of Bish's RV . He was hounded at the beginning of the summer. And mid-summer. Then desperately at the end of summer.

Padre put him through what he did with us kids; he'd go look at something, make us and the salesperson believe he was going to buy it. and then: not.

Looking, comparing prices and wishing were all sorta like a sport to him.

Like people take up golfing for sport to relax and hang out with business associates with out having to wear suits and ties- Padre visited all sorts of places and lingered over big ticket items, made salespeople drool at the possibility of a comission... things of that nature.

Padre would buy it, have the item returned with the receipt taped to it's box, before we woke the next day.

So all the while that J. and Padre  went sporting all over I.F., looking at trailers, I knew the disappointment J. would feel was around the corner. However, Bish's came through for Padre and inadvertently, me.

Their commercial cleverly states that memories begin with trailers. And J.  repeated that we needed to start making them


like the commercial implored.

You can't imagine J's face when he saw the" Big Memory Maker" on our street....

J: "Whose trailer is that?"

Padre: "Some poor soul's."

J: "Why is it parked in front of our house?"

Padre: "So the person who bought it wouldn't have to think about it and get a bad case of 'buyer's remorse.'

Then J. figured out the riddle and was so happy and couldn't believe it. They  even threw in sweatshirts and hats for us to wear while doing some memory advertising!

With this blog I'm sure to be an Influencer of Trailers. Like those bloggers I was able to read about in the WSJ this weekend while camping, are influencers of fashion and get free trips to NYC by fashion icons, to take in the spring Garden Collection. And then instagram it.

(I don't know how many folks want Instagrams of my life.... it would be pretty telling. But I am not there yet.)

Isn't it fall? What are we supposed to be wearing for fall right now? See, I'd be a bad fashion instagrammer, cause I've already forgotten what is hot for fall.

Oh, well.When you are on the full time job of the chronically ill, It doesn't matter. Just the fact that you can spend some time with your boy is what matters. so,

Trailers are in. And, thus, their sweatshirts.

 Trailer camping seemed like the only camping I could do under my circumstances. We found out some kinks in the process, tweaked them, and found a comfortable way I could sleep in one.

For the first time this summer, well now it is over, I smelled the fresh pine trees, heard the gurgling brook that brought water down from the tip tops of the Tetons, and saw J. play amongst the mountains.

One of his best quotes: "For some reason I just like looking at Mountain Ranges."

Padre's best quote: Well, he had a lot of them but the memory that come to mind right nowt was when talking with the Padres before bed, I caught sight of a SPIDER in Padre's clean pompadour, and electrocuted it with this really cool zapper/racket thing. So I took that tennis racket killer and with my best back hand, killed that spider!

Not exactly like ours, but the lightweight racket was fun to lure bugs in with its light then
The gross part was how they wrapped themselves around the strings of the deadly zapper.
Padre's spider had long legs that intertwined itself and was difficult to remove..
They are handy and a new and improved way to camp.
I'd really like to take it, one of the sticky spider traps outside to the garden, sit on the stool Padre bought and zap a few insects while I waited for some to get caught in the trap and see what I could catch. Cause all the house traps have only caught some gnats.

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