Friday, March 1, 2013

Cute Nephew Party Theme

(I love this pillow: Let's Stay Home- Perfect for Cold Idaho Days)

K.W. 's B-day is approaching. His desired theme:" Cute Cousin Party".

So my Bday theme is: Cute Nehpew and Son- But I don't think I can pull it off this year.

(now here's a guy that is willing to follow his older brother into some serious mischief)


It's hard to get them ALL together in one sitting. And so my bday will have to mesh with K.'s.

I did ask J what he was getting me the other day and astonished he said:....."You expect me to buy you a present? With MY money?"

Me: With my money. Here.(hand him some change from my purse) You know what I like..... get creative. Walk down the aisles of Wal-Mart and pick something out.

He eyed the money and confirmed that the ownership had rightfully taken place, that he now had such and such PLUS this much. And I could see the cogs turning in his brain.

J: "Aren't you a little old for gifts? (looking at my money as if ownership had rightfully taken place.)

And then he went on to say this:

"There is a saying: "When you are too old to get gifts, you don't."'

 (oh, look! another cute, innocent looking nephew. don't let those big eyes and vintage Torment cardigan sway you! He'll tear your glasses off as you walk past him in the hall.)

Me: I'm still 9. I'd take a La-Z-Boy like Padre's. (And P.S. you gift yourself when you're my age, monkey.)

J: Papa is NOT going to take me out to buy you a chair- right now. And not with this much money.(he says holding out the dollar bills like they are chump change.)

Me: You mean to tell me that the day, okay the day plus some before my b-day, you are not at least getting my craft stuff out and making me a home made card?????

J: Cards are dumb. They are just letters. Words. That's dumb.

Me: I love words. Don't you read my blog?

J: Why would I read your blog? I don't even have a lap top.

Now. If you would quit complaining about me getting you a gift, I will.

I have a dozen yellow roses sitting on my table upstairs. I gifted myself the annual gifts: cuticle cream. Nail File. And gave myselft a manicure the other day. I also had to get a couple plus size shirts. ugh. I looked at last year's pics and party and it's amazing what a year can do. Especially if you are fighting against disease and an occassional infection.

K's theme for cute cousins is a perfect bday wish- they are really what keep you going. I am minus a pic of one them on here but I'll update eventually. He's  been busy with colic and every time he's been here he's been like a sack of rocks after spending all night keeping his parents up.

Since my email has been down I feel like I have to update a bit.

Have I told the good news that we have a Tread Mill? I can now try and hack it out on the mill without compromising my lungs outside. J easily was running 10 mph and I cranked out a good half lap in 5 min. It was on manual so I was making it turn.... if that counts. And I'm pretty religious with the breathing instrument I have to open up the bronchial tubes.

The other day I saw someone who hasn't seen me in awhile and she was a bit surprised at the change.
-It can be very surprising. I feel that I should post pics of me and not be ashamed. Like the gal that passed away from cancer that I read about... she was beautiful and when she was on all the prednisone and meds at the end of her life- I didn't think any differently! Her spirit shone through! She was grateful for every little thing. While I hum bug a lot of things. I must not be learning what I need to learn from all this.

Thanks so much to those who sent cards, texts, and everything on the table upstairs. I love the flowers, Michelle. I am a stubborn penny pincher one minute and the next, heck, I'd buy fresh flowers for inside the house. And that's saying something for me!

We have two new cray fish that J. added to our family. They give me the hibbie jibbies, flailing their hand out and making me think they could crawl up the side of their aquarium, down the sides, across the floor, snip onto the bedspread and creep right up onto me while J. and I read. 

Thanks to the people in my life who see a need and fill it. I've actually written you thank you notes. But they are unsent.

There are some people that I have met in my life that are constant and aware. It isn't that we hang out all the time, but they watch after me and my son and associate with us in ways that humble me. Thanks. I hope that one day tables turn and I can be that way, too.

Obviously, it is late and I am up. Unlike Michelle, I haven't cut out bangs as a mid-life crisis. So, I blogged in the wee hours.

I've gone in and kissed my boys cheeks a few more times and thought on what it has been to be a mom. He will turn 10 this year and pass me up in bday age. So our "Special Year" will soon come to a close. He's made a lot of strides and I am proud.

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