Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adrenal Insufficiency

I have been studying this topic a lot lately. Before you leave this post it hit me that this problem of mine- being on a synthetic cortisol producing drug for almost two years doesn't apply to you- it does.

A nurse suffering from similiar "withdrawel" moments of prednisone posted some info online,, on a forum, that made sense. And she got hooked up with an Endocrinologist.
How does it apply to mainstream people? I believe that all the energy drinks, that are so popular do the same thing to the adrenal glands. Coffee does it, too. Caffeine. All of the "energy" producing drinks have the same effect on those little glands on top of the kidneys; makes them shut off.
This nurse was able to get into the Endo and have tests done to show how much Cortisol was needed, how much she was deficient and get the help she needed.
It simply was one of those light bulb moments. That possibly would help me and the side effects/pain. Prednisone isn't the only synthetic producing med out there. I know there have been some deaths associated with those energy drinks. I know that caffeine works in a milder way to boost you when you are lagging and must have the same effect on the glands.
If someone, like me, has to be monitered closely as I taper off such a thing- then possibly those other synthetics are equally or close to needing to be monitered. I never made the connection but the suffering I feel is probably what a teen feels when they need more of those drinks,or whatever.
There is literally bone pain, circulation problems, migraines from Hates, inability to lift your corpse off a bed if you don't have that cortisol..
I guess my point is:
Prednisone is awful.
Yes, it has saved my life and is the only med out there to stop inflammation and disease progression. But if you don't HAVE to put yourself through something like this... then I wouldn't.
It's awful.
If you do- you have my deepest,  most sincere empathy. Hang in there. That's what this nurse said and it made me cry. To know someone has been through what you are sloshing through and made it.
Hold on. I hope you have family or friends like I do, and are supported in your efforts.
Be careful to not overdo it or come off too quickly.
I have made that mistake and it has cause some of the worst mental physical torment and could have taken my life.

But often we have to go through ourselves to be a believer. I know that I have been that way in my life.
I do know that I won't ever go on prednisone again, like this nurse unless it is to absolutely save my life. It has been too hard. EAch of us has to weigh those decisions.

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