Monday, March 18, 2013

I am in love with a dishwasher

Remember how I said I love to hand wash dishes?
Well, I do.
However, when Madre announced that she had a change of heart about owning another washer--- I about wept.
(There is no room to put it in cupboard space that is already needed. So sometimes it would sit in the middle of the crowded kitchen 24/7. And you would have to shimmy and turn and it was not. worth. it. Sooo..... we all learned to love washing by hand. )
Some guests would arrive and wonder: "Are those all your dishes?", after a large gathering.
Or some visitors would look over at the counter and want to offer to help start up washing them, but became discouraged by the amount.
That is when you really had to dig deep down. Start with rinsing the dishes until they "looked" clean. Then clean the sink out with clorox. Scrub. Scrub. Rinse. Turn on scalding hot water.
Pull up the black stool and put on your gloves.....  
Grab that first glass and BEGIN. ENDING with the wretched arthritis aching forks.
No more!!!!!!
Yes, I am in love. I am happy. Madre worked her magic and arranged the kitchen to fit our new friend who I am sure to love and thank many, many times in the coming days.
Could life get any better?
Sure I can still hand wash pots and pans and wooden knives! But Whirly will do my forks, to which I owe a huge amount of debt.
Jaden will learn to load a REAL dishwasher! (It made Padre nervous when J. would hand wash the dishes. He'd be worried J would miss a spot or something.I did all the time! Ha! But not on purpose.
Now we can have scalded clean-all-over dishes to Padre's delight!
Changing topics... I am going to start putting down my M&Ms burned to date on here. That will be fun. I was under the impression each were 11 cals. So that's what I have been calculating roughly on the Tread Mill. I joke when I say I burned a couple. When actually I burned 10 in that "sitting".
The reason for this misunderstanding of the calorie count I believe was because I was on hold waiting to talk to someone at some important establisment that had a woman say that one of those little bitty chocolate goodness-iz was 11 calories and would take walking the extent of a football field. I think there and back. It was football season. And lugging all the gear you need for a game has to chip off some of those cals.

(here is one of my middle of the night projects... writing down J's baseball practices. And finding a very cool poem in the hallway drawer while I was trying to find a frame.)
As I waited on this important phone call I recalled all the times I ate M&Ms. I never took just ONE.
It was more like a scoop from the bowl and trickle it into your mouth. This left me horrified. And I wasn't even bloated on prednisone like I am right now.
So- we will continue with our 11 cal count. I should post how long it takes me too. But that would be to personal. As would telling you how many calories, converted into M&Ms I eat in a day.
It would shock me. And we don't need that right now.
So. I have to be around 150. Since it is fuzzy how much, I am choosing to say 150. Won't this be fun?
Will this build rapport with my dear Readers? Padre was having a class the other day in his office and I walked in to ask him something- the LIVE instructor said: "There is nothing FLUFFY about Rapport."
Empasized on his screen with a big circle and line through it.
I had to go look up the word Fluffy. And I wondered why the instructor just didn't use it's synonym.
Because how many pictured a bunny just then? Was this for real? I had to leave the office.
I am almost ready to leave this computer. It is early. I am fighting prednisone pain. UGH! So I am up blogging. When I should be pacing the halls. Because my hands are starting to get kitten-ish. Put on a pair of mittens and try to type and you will know what I am talking about.
But there is more! Remember the last post? When I needed to know what my end result/goal keeping purpose of life would look like?
A neighbor kindly showed me.
Like Renoir Paintings... explanation: later. I've got to do some pacing.

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