Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3 Miracles in ONE day!

Whoa. If you read last night's post you know it was a long night. Wait- let me read it again....
So today I find out that I get a great referral to a Dr. here in I.F. to help with the prednisone taper, etc.
That EIRMC is now certified to do the infusions of my particular drug, here, in I. F. BIG thanks to nurse Sonda at U of U Hospital for going the distance for me and others involved. She is top notch and an inspiration of what hard work, professionalism and empathy is for a nurse. If I were one, I'd want to be like her.
And last but not least- the La-Z-Boy chair that faded, was returned by the older lady that still had it under warranty, to the Preston outlet and the amazing deal I got for it. The saleslady said it must have happened for me.
Get this...... it is Buckskin, JUST like Padre's. But has a few imperfections for whatever reason. It is now in the basement.
(Background info for Readers. This chair is a chair that is perfect for your arthritic back. Whether reading, sitting, needing to sleep in it. It is just heaven. Often I would sit in the same style at my Grandparents house and every time I came home from the hospital or when I was really struggling I had the wish in my heart: "I'd kill for a chair like that." I even wanted to save my money to buy me a chair like THAT because it was so helpful and kept me aligned. And then Madre got a great deal on one from the Preston store and Padre's gift for Father's Day came true.
They are made the same year, etc.  So the two chairs must have been brothers. Except this one was defective a bit. I will take it!!!!!!!!!!!!! So buy stuff in Preston, Idaho.
And I will put up the serial number on here so you can know what is the best chair for arthritis suffereing!
J. called dibs on the old chair downstairs because the wear and tear on it resembles the "Buffalo" look. And that is the theme of his bedroom. Ha.
But he will keep it in the fam room he says, next to Buck. Aren't we so Blessed?
If you are curious about Wegener's Disease, I found a great blog that talks about it and bringing attention to auto-immune diseases in general: weggiesunite.blogspot.com
Not "wedgies",, like I kept saying. Marta is an awesome gal who came down with this sudden disease that has prednisone on the menu for her care, too.
She is also the one who came up with the T-shirts. However, I'd have one made up that you could write with a dry-erase marker how many mgs you are on so others could have a heads up on how much longer they need to deal with you.

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