Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dental Drama and Dagen Tales

So Padre did the Post holiday flower Pick Up from Sam's Club and this is a sample of what we got......
 These pics were taken yesterday. I Can Not believe how beautiful some of them were! Some turned out to not have the 'spark' in them and it could have been how I arranged them for Madre. I stuffed a bunch of them, yellow, white, the salmon colored into a very compressed vase.
They were  beautiful but didn't have space to branch out like this other bouquet. Another surprise: The colored Daisies turned out to be so sweet. I broke them down into various colors and put them in the larger milk vases on top of the hearth and they have stayed strong too. My roses are just barely bowing their heads. -the Daises are up and at 'em.
Goes to show you shouldn't judge a flower. So I've interspersed some pics of the beauties throughout J's hilarious dental experience....

J: Bad news, mom.

Me: (on the other end of the telephone line. fully aware that he'd just been to the dentist and that the news was along those lines.)

 oh? what is the bad news?

J: I have a cavity.

Me: that's not fun. (totally saw it coming)

(I recollect all the moments I reminded him of the importance of flossing. That a person would be much better off getting out of a cozy bed, and putting in that two minutes of brushing and flossing rather than have the Dr. stick a needle in your gum- which is numbed with some yucky tasting gel on a huge Q-tip, but doesn't bring any sort of real relief.

Then have them drill a deeper hole into your cavity filled tooth -which is stationed next to nerves. In this moment of J's desperate news, I feel bad that I made it seem like such a horrible thing to happen becaues now I will have to listen to his desperateness 'til it is filled.And backtrack the horribleness.)

(These red ones literally look like velvet.)


Me: Well, maybe this is a good thing- you can see what having a cavity filled is like and you'll realize that you don't want to have it happen again. And that it isn't THAT bad. Just relax your muscles as they shake your cheek and it slips right in. (and I think I AM 9 years old and have a slew of woes.

J: You think this is a GOOD thing? You WANT me to suffer? Shake my what?

Me: Nooo..... I am saying it is just an experience that you will be able to have that, once it is over, you'll realize it wasn't as bad as you thought. The grab your cheek, gently, and shake it as the needle goes in so you don't even realize it's happening. I will be there to distract you, too.

J: They stick a needle in your gum. How is that not as bad as you think?????

I couldn't get a good focus on these pink taffy roses. But their centers were 3 roses in one, and like I said, looked like taffy. Laffy Taffy.Which made me want to eat them.

I think back on all the needles I've had to endure and the places they had to go and I close my eyes and think that this is simply the beginning of a life full a needles in the gum.
Not fun.
But, luckily, we are slowly prepared for the more difficult needles to come along- and you realize that, yes, you can endure it. And you learn to relax so it doesn't hurt as bad as it could.

And there are all the other things that off set the bad. For instance, every so often I will get an ear full of J's adventures with his buds. And, oh, my. Either he has a really good impression of all the characters, or they simply are charachters. Usually he shares these stories with me at pillow time and I get laughing so hard I can't get calmed back down.

Life; it doesn't get much better than this.

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