Friday, January 11, 2013

Loose Pillow and Laughing Out Irrationally

"Uh, oh." Padre said as he pulled his neck pillow down from the closet and stated to uncase it from it's plastic sack.
Me: What? as I waited for toast to pop out of the updated retro toaster.
Padre: "What's this?" Revcealing the plaid pillow covered in a pillow case; a direct sign I could have used it. But I've had my own for a long time so couldn't place using it recently.
Me: A pillow?  I asked like  narrowing my eyes like a kid who needs glasses,  when the teacher has asked a question and the student is naaawwwttttt too sure about an answer given in front of the whole class.
Padre: Yes, but what's this? (referring to the Winnie the Pooh pillow case.) with a look of fear crossing his face.
Me: A pillowcase. (said confidently)
Padre: Do you know what this means????
I shake my head, rack my brains to the time I'd last used it, and wonder what he is truly asking. Then my toast pops from the toaster.
Padre: Somebody has been using it. And that means it has been getting around!
I sighed relief and explained I'd owned one for some time, that if it was me, it was used only upstairs on his chair or something. So he was clear of getting any flu during this stomach flu season. He dejectedly walked back to his office to continue with work.
Alluded becoming toast for a day I started to eat mine. Close call! But I had to laugh that he'd act like his pillow was a call girl for other necks in places he doesn't know.
The other day I got a good laugh at J's misunderstanding of a word. Which can happen a lot. Especially when I use big words and don't hand him a dictionary right away or talk to him in the way Lemony Snickett, the author of A Series of Unfortunate Events, does; and that is to give you the definition of a word, or how a word could be used in the particular setting.
So we are driving. Veered off of onto the exit leading to Idaho Falls and Jaden asked me this:
J: Have you ever Laughed Out Irrationally?
Me: You mean lash?. Lashed out irrationally?
J: NO!' Laughed out irrationally'.
Me: Laughed, as in laugh like the joker in Batman, laugh?
J: Yeah.
Me: ummmm... hmmm. I can't recall laughing really hard lately. Or irrationally. I think I laughed pretty hard during such and such movie.

But then I look back and wonder if I do any Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson laughter and pretty soon I'm thinking of the scary show where Jack is trying to get into the freezer locker after he's gone coo-coo writing a book  in a deserted   hotel resort minus himself. Oh, and his innocent family.
Who knew you could get cabin fever in a big destination? 
J: Have I laughed out irrationally?
It takes seconds to pull up times when he and his friends get so wired you have to hog time them down before they turn into Big Jokers.
Me: All kids laugh and it can make parents irritable. So, yes, you have.
Sensing he is misunderstanding this common phrase, and wondering where in tarnation he heard it
Do you know what lash out and irrational mean? as he looks a bit confused confused with his answer and trying to express it, I tell him what they both mean.  

J: Ohhhh. Have I ever done that"; "lash" out irrationally?
Me: All children, who want something and throw a fit  in the grocery or toy stores do, so yes, you have lashed out irrationally at time.
J: Have you?
Me: Yes, I have.

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