Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Shoe Rack for Footballs, etc. End of Year Inventory

Sorry to double post. Think of it as Talk-o-Tuesday! After starting the ventrue of cleaning out closets, which really was a desperate attempt to do inventory on what I had for clothes in a bigger size, I pulled out the shoe rack.

Does anyone else despise these things like I do? Why do they not work? Shoes love to become sleds and slide right off of them. Or maybe me throwing shoes in the closet doesn't help the poor thing do its job.

WELL, It has a new job, folk.s And I can't wait to find the rest of J's footballs, somewhere under the snow or beneath beds other than his own- but here is what we started with........ magic.

No more, "Mom, where is the one football......." Nope. Neft footballs, real ones, smaller college ones, ones for the Nerf hoop; all RIGHT HERE.


And just wait until I finish the sword, play gun project. It is so easy you will shake your heads in disgust.

If you find it very sad that such an idea could make me so happy, well, you'd have to know J. and know how these balls mulitply faster than rabbits.

Too bad some of their siblings, the most exspensive ones, are MIA. ugh. This picture is bitter-sweet.

Good luck with your 2013 inventory/organizing!

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