Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dear J; My Theater

Dear Jaden,

You are asleep. I am awake. But I have to write you a "letter".
Remember I wrote you one with the Cody, Wyoming hotel's stationary? And you never opened it?
It's in your scrapbook when you get around to wanting to read a long letter.
This letter will get read by many. Possibly. Unless they think it's just to you and grant us privacy.
I want you to know how stinkin' cute you are. No, really. The other day you wore a shirt of Nic's, hoodie, and bball pants. You accoompanied me to "the office" and sat patiently for the first half.
I laughed when you asked me: "What is that sickness you get from hospitals?"  (Staph)
My reassuring didn't help when we walked through the circular revolving doors still holding red poinsettieas and you spotted a couple people with masks on. I loved the glare you gave me for inviting you on this little outing.
You sunk into the other chair in the office when you realized three people would be coming in to chat with me, wait while I read fine print warning label information from the FDA and signed my Johnny Hancock initials on the appropriate lines.
You were so relieved when it was all done and I wasn't going to be hooked up and hydrated or something. So we had a date. In the cafeteria. You asked if it was like the one at school- not even close!
It was hopping in there so we didn't wait in the yummy food lines, but quickly picked up a cheeseburger for you and I got some salad. We split a huge Rice Krispie treat and you offered to fill my drink after you got your Sprite. In line, we talked about the side effects of Caffeine which were slightly less dangerous than what I'd read from the FDA.
You picked out a perfect spot- the only spot left, really. It was by the window and doors leading out to a garden area. When I needed something, you jumped up and grabbed it for me. A knife to cut my beets. Some more napkins. We scooted our chairs next to each other so we could hear one another talk.
We decided to take home leftovers so you jumped up again to go back into the cafeteria area and get a lid for my platter and another cheeseburger for later. On the way down the hill the sun shined on us in our car, but it was COLD. My toes froze while we chatted like we always do.
You said something so special that I needed to put in my journal and out there into the world for all to see. As We talked about having "things",
Like Ebenezer's big staircase and balustrades. I told you that if God gave me the chance to be totally healthy, be married to Scrooge, and have a handful of kids- I'd not take it nor turn in the chance to be your mom; to have YOU.
"So what your saying is, I'm your 'theater'." You summed up my point.
Jaden, you are my theater. From the minute you were born, I have loved watching you- I even have box seats.
It reminded me you told me I was YOUR American Flag. And your Coca- Cola. Caffeine Free if you wish. Or straight with lots of chopped gas station ice on a hot day. And recall the time you had your tonsils out and said I made you feel like a chocolate chip? That was probably the pain killer I gave you after you took a swig of vinegar thinking it was a water bottle. But it still made me melt like one in the oven.
 Today's theater comment made me feel like one of those round Lundt chocolate truffles. 
I love watching you. Thanks, Son. And don't hate me for posting this letter- I don't have my journal on hand.


Your American Flag Momma

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