Wednesday, January 16, 2013

fweu! ;my new love of White Distilled Vinegar

This was a kindergartner's spelling of Whew!
So now, whenever I make it through something, save something from breaking, get out of jail free card from Padre for a mistake made on his walls or something I think:
I still have the envelope Jaden wrote this word on and it goes up on my magnitboard.
So while I drink my water and Apple Cider concoction to help with sinus pressure,
Here are a few "fweus" that have happened lately:
Mary- the van passes little cars on slick roads, icy roads.
The sub temps that gave J. a day off and maybe some kids a chance to recover from the flu. Which sounds like fweu- so it could be an interchangeable word.
Jaden does not have the flu.
A web-site with more tips on it that I am in awe. The latest- White distilled vinegar cleaning up some gummed up fiskar scissors. Oh, and helped in the laundry category.
awesome! I had given up hope of a fweu in some of the clothes future!
WD-40. It can be added to the cocktail of stain removal recipes and dropped me to my knees in prayer.
Not having to be OUT in the cold. Our neighbors in Jackson Hole had 30 below temps not counting the wind chill factor. fweu, glad I don't live there and have to try and start Mary under THOSE conditions.
I was complaining of having to pull out the long underwear for our mere 16 below or something.
Getting to the end of the day after accomplishing all the needs. Like appts., meals,
answering many q's from a child and living another day on prednisone.
fweu! I'm tired. I will let you know if this Apple Vinegar clears the nasal passages tomorrow or if it will be another night sleeping upright.
I will test this little concoction involving White distilled vinegar on a carpet stain.
If I can get this to site to upload my pics it will be even more fun.
Oh, and one last nugget- Jaden asking me tonight if he should get his birthday wish list going yet.
Because it is so close! (yeh, right.)
I had to hold back from saying: Fuey, kid! Bdays are not like
 Christmas and as you age, you don't get big birthday parties.
In fact, you have to just be happy with your cake and ice cream.
Cause big bday parties can really be a stressful event. And becoming older just makes your Madre want to keep it simple.
Looks like I'm going to have to enlist Padre's help with the upload pic problem. Sigh.

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