Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Apple Vinegar Results and Interruptions

Yesterday, or last night, I promised to tell you about the experiment using Apple Vinegar to help ease inflammation--- LIVE INTERRUPTION:


Me:oh no. The phone is on the floor and I hope it isn't Padre. We've already talked in the last 30 so if it is him, it has to be a call where he wants something done.

Yup, it's him.

So I stretch over in the least likely good way for your back instead of doing it Physical Therapist Properly.

Me: Hello?  (wincing.)

Padre: "Manda?" he asks As he drives to a trouble shooting place for work.

Me: Yes.

Padre: "Could you do me a favor?"

Me: What kind... I haven't been able to do much just yet. I just eat some crackers and got dressed. Is it an elaborate thing. Like hook up a car to a battery charger?

Padre" "No. There is a blah, blah, blee, blah, blah, blee up stairs I think by the blah blah blee. Could you locate that? And then put it on my desk so I don't lose it?"

Me: (thinking to self: I am gonna lose it.) Okay, once I can make it upstairs I will blah, blah, blee, for you.

Padre: "Thank you!"

Me: Nauseated from this sinus thing. Wondering if I could talk with Hillary Clinton about her concussion experience and if we share some similar symptoms. And if she has gotten a sinus infection and how that's made her head feel post concussion. Because my brain feels like it is seriously swelling and I wish I could just put a shunt in the back to drain off the pressure. But I'm not a surgeon. And my appt. to see the ENT isn't for several days. This has drug on for a long time.
I can't take an antibiotic. I've stood in a steamy shower, irrigated. (This is a sinus procedure that is basically drowning yourself then giving yourself CPR and hoping it cleared the sinuses.

Me: This is some of my best writing about being a stay-at-home daughter and professional patient  I am staying true to my blog. But why am I pushing myself to do this when it hurts my brain? Should I call my Dr. who I just saw and ask for an MRI? Or holler mercy and tell him I can't endure any longer and let's risk taking an antibiotic? hmmmm.

Me: Man, I wish I could implement and try out some of those really cool ideas off that deal with White Vinegar. Dang. Which Dr. should I call? The one I am going to see or the one I saw for advice or answer on the antibiotic deal? Should I try drowning (irrigating) myself again first?

Back to the point: Apple Vinegar didn't really work, I don't think.
And, Reader, if you have Crohns or tender tummy this will burn like Ajax down a drain. So don't do it unless you have intestinal tracks of steel.

As Jaden and I joked the other day with the line from The Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey)

"Well we've done our worst. And that's all that matters!"


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