Friday, January 25, 2013

Flu and Cold Arsenal

Okay. I'm sure many of you have been dealing with the nasty cold and may have heard the cold words from your Dr. that even bacterial strains of this year's bugs are super resistant and they are finding even antibiotics aren't working!!

 you may have a certain friend, uhem Ann, who amazingly hasn't had her kids get sick at all. She is attributing this to some oils diffused through, you guessed it, a diffuser.
I could only blink in awe that this could be the case. But my Madre has the same oils and we have been side swiped, too.
Personally, I think it is Ann's Green Juice Drink, which I will list in my Desperation Arsenal for those fighting Big Bugs.
This is what is next to the bed or in a pocket or cupboard close by:
Numero Uno: The dreaded asthma meds.
Yup. The darn Idahoan sub temps get us every year dang it!
So don't skip your asthma meds:
even if you think you are tough and asthma is some imaginary, weakling weakness in your armour.
Yes, inhalers make ya look weak. But sucking air through a straw at a stand still looks pathetic.
2. Yummy Smelling Soap.
why is this part of my arsenal? Because J loves the smell and this promotes him to wash his hands The yummy smelling soap go on sale in January and it's worth stocking up on them and the hand sanitizers. Cause those help promote a novelty in washing your hands when a sink is no where in sight.
3. Vicks Menthol Rub and Tiger Balm. Menthol is the key here. We've rubbed it on our feet, shoulder blades, chest, under the nose, along side the neck and massaged those sinus draining areas. I even put a dab under his nose and behind his ears.
4. The Tiger Balm is stiffer stuff and when I mix it with Vanilla lotion, it just soothes the arthritis and clears your nose. As does some mustard dipping mix I accidentally took a dip out of when my parents brought home leftovers from a Chinese Restaurant. Lil Sis had a baby, and they got take out. Or else Padre would never have picked Chinese. But I dipped a piece of bread in it and boy was I sorry. I burned my tongue, cleared my sinuses and drank a gallon of milk.
5. Neil Med Sinus Drowning Rinse. Yes, you can irrigate farmland and your face. Use distilled water. You can buy your own or boil some water. You can even make the little packets that the Neil Med people use. Google it.
6. Stand in a hot shower.
When I was in a Dr's office and he told me to try this I was almost insulted. Of course I'd tried a hot shower to alleviate the brain swelling. But it is relaxing to let the hot water hit your sore muscles and it doesn't hurt to have more moisture trying to relax your inflamed sinuses.
7. Those throat lozenges I told you about from Sweden. Little round life savers.
8. Mix water, lemon juice and heat it up. Not too hot so the honey you put into it doesn't lose its potency. This will cause your intestines to light up. But when your throat is so sore... it does help you endure a long night.
9. Heating Pad.
10. Humidifier. And drinking plenty of fluids. Yes, it's annoying to get comfy and then have to run to the bathroom. But it does help.
11. Forget having any hope that a visit to the Dr. will help. It won't. So stay home and save the gas and energy. Because like the Dr. said- those antibiotics are virtually useless.
12. A book that you can read one sentence out of every so often and be satisfied.
13. Plenty of rest. Good luck on that.
14. A neighbor or friend who brings over a meal or two. That one saves the day right there. Yes, chicken noodle soup is good. But when you get a really yummy meal by surprise..... it nourishes your heart and soul.
All we need now is Germ Control Laws implemented in the schools and we'd be set. The little kiddies could go through a conveyor belt and a microwave powered heating device would just zap all germs.
If a child went to pick their nose; immediate lockdown would take place until said child washed hands and was given tissues.
Whenever anyone sneezed or coughed, military gas masks would fall from the ceilings like they do in airplanes during an emergency.
These are just some ideas.... after hearing that one friend volunteered to clean desks after school for her child's school- I started to really think about what we could implement. Personally I like the idea of a dish washing cycle happening in each room at the end of the day. This would be expensive to put into the rooms, but well worth it. Think how much money would be saved!
And the last thing you can do is blog when you can't sleep because it requires you to sit up and let that stuff just drain.

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