Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick Days

We have been enjoying some seriously cold temps here in Idaho. The poor teachers have had to keep the city kids inside during recess while the rural ones had to face being at home unattended.

Not a fun decision for superintendents, I am sure. However, it is really annoying when the weather, pent up children and flu season result with a sick child.

Mrs. F must be glad that she has one less child to occupy during recess, but I have had to make being home as awful as possible.

"Can't I be home sick and rest?" the tiny said as I drilled him with his homework.

"Homework still has to be done." ah, ha ha- he, heh, heh- ha, hah, hah!

I could barely stiffle the laughter as I swept, mopped, and vacuumed.

But the clock ticked away and turned time for my nap. Reminding the sick child that he would still be in school and that this is "quiet" time for me before he comes home is my ritual, I laid down on the couch and did some deep breathing.

Beneath the bright sunshine I basked as my muscles took in the oxygen. Just as the knots decided to unravel, Teeny was on me. Snuggling my cheeks, mugging on me, and hijacking my "down time".

The muscles clenched and sprang my body into the vertical position. I grabbed the canister vacuum, pulled it to the landing of the stairs and began vacuumming the dirt the city has thrown down on the ice skating rink outside our drive.

Sickie disappeared. As long as I was cleaning he was no where to be found. That was until I tried to make a phone call and talk with a friend. And like Batman, he was on the scene, smelling with his sixth sense that mom was excited to have her own time; littlest was wrapped around my leg like

You can only imagine the excitement I felt that he was not able to attend school today.

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