Sunday, January 30, 2011

On Bobby Pins and Needles

"I can be anywhere in this house and within two feet find a Bobby pin." Padre lamented tonight as he exited the shower. J and I were deep into a game of Monopoly so all I could do is shrug.

But lately, it's true. Usually I don't use very many. But you can always find one somewhere on the couch, on an end table, on the floor when you are sweeping. (Those go into the garbage.)

The odds of finding them every two feet was the result of me trying out some hair styles. After looking at , and seeing cute- and tempting-hair accessories I saw new takes on old hair styles. Some bordered on the rocker version of some of the FLDS women I'd seen in the news some time back, but I was willing to see what my tresses could pull off.

I went through a million Bobby pins. I ratted and teased.

The end result was a bird's nest atop my head. And I felt the possible feelings of a newly hatched baby bird sitting in that nest, being jabbed by gazillions of twigs that were gathered by their loving parents.

I even tried the pompadour. The front part of my hair hasn't seen that kind of height since the 7th grade Cobra bangs I etched in hairspray.

But the cute accessories on the professional models from the site, accomplished with pros doing their hair, wearing items with names like:" Mall Rat, House Puppet, Girl on Fire, Calamity Jane, Finicky, and Tardy"; pushed my creativity button.

I came up with looks like: Fried Chicken, Colossal Mistake, Persnickety and Home Schooled.

It just didn't look the same. Granted, I didn't have the cute accessories, the different kinds of pins to work with, or talent. But still. Quite the let down.

Either I am going to have to ask some of the older ladies in my ward how to do an Anne of Green Gables look and try to modernize it, or just stick with what works.

And Padre is just going to have to deal with the fact that Bobby pins mysteriously multiply.

A good site to reference: I wish I would have consulted it first...

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