Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UGH-nconditional Love & Tub Talk

Well, Valentine's Day brought an opportunity for J to learn what TRUE LOVE means.

I was giddy with excitement to see what Valentines he'd bring home from school. After walking through the puddle in our drive a few times he finally walked inside.

"So.... where's the Valentine's" I teased in my luvvy voice.

"Oh, I left them at school." he said non-chalantly as he peeled the wet layers off his body, leaving a trail into the kitchen.

"At school?? Wasn't it a big day?" I asked perplexed as he ate his sweetheart snack. (a power sandwich of almond butter and Honey, along with some Vanilla yogurt and sugar cookie.)

He shrugged. With his mouth full, he asked what we were going to do for the night.

"I hadn't made any big plans." I told him skeptically.

"what did you have in mind?"

"Everbody goes out on Valentine's Day! I can't believe that we are the ONLY family not celebrating the holiday!"

I recalled hanging up the cutsy decorations for the holiday and said: "It isn't like it is a National, I mean like it is Christmas! Ya don't get toys, etc! What more could ya want?" I said gesturing to all the love surrounding us.

"A ride to Yellowstone or something." he mumbled.

"You have school tomorrow!" I pointed out. -nevermind the absurdity of driving to West Yellowstone and back in a 12 hours time period, although we have done it plenty of times with Padre.

He consummed a Martha Stewart looking cookie my neighbor made, making my store-bought ones pale in comparison, and we all headed out the door for a little ride with the fam.

Driving around in the country he mused how beautiful it was and that he would like to live out there. Papa slowed down, the carameled snow drifts slowing in the window, and said: "Okay, if you insist, we'll drop you off."

"Are you kidding? I didn't mean just ME." he quipped. " I wouldn't survive the night out here! Have you lost your marbles?"

Papa sped up toward the warm home waiting for us in town and we discussed the options for dinner: leftovers or tacos.

That night we talked about why some had "innie" and others had "outtie" belly buttons while he took a bath.

"just make sure to keep yours clean, you never know when someone will see it." I warned and handed him a wash rag and told him a story that left him giggling well into the night.

That night we counted out rice grains for the Kerr jars we have set up to help us keep "balance". Each has a different area to keep track of: Mind. body. Spirit. All three make up the heart.

"Today wasn't such a bad day." he concluded as he dropped a grain of rice in for his reading time.

"Even though you didn't get to go to Yellowstone?"

"We can do that on a weekend, I have school tomorrow."


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