Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love 'Em Up, Jack Sparrow Style

I was stoked to use the Valentine's I'd gotten for $1.00 last year. I hoped J would still want the Pirates of the Caribbean style still for this V-Day.

We opened them up and started bending the perforated line back and forth and separating them from eachother. Reading each one and looking at his list from school I teased him.

"Oh, who ya gonna send the big one to, Kara?" smooch-a-ly.

"NO!" he retorted.

Filing through the different notes that said things like: "Have a Swashbuckling Time, Valentine!" or "Parlay, Valentine!" we came upon Will and Elizabeth in a romantic scene. Will had the damsel, Liz, on the edge of his ship, both looking off into the sunset or something.

Simultaneously, we both blushed. "Ummm... what in the..." I said staring at the picture.

Finally, I came back to my senses, grabbed the box and looked for a "Rating" on the box. Turning it over a couple times and not finding one, I gathered the ones with the risque pose and said:

"you don't have to send these to any of the girls." I assauged his fears and then changing the topic said:

Oh, look! they have heart stickers! Put those on your Valentine's card, so she'll know ya like her."

Letting him work on that penmanship, I watched as he put hearts on some of the Valentines.

Nosily, I Picked up a few and I read off a couple of the girls names from the pink sheet. THEN, I noticed he'd used some of the Will and Liz picks for them.

"You sure you wanna do this?" I asked as if he were getting ready to sign up for the army.

"Mom, it's Valentine's Day." he reassured. "Ya gotta Love 'em up."

LOVE THEM UP???????????????????????????????

"What do you mean by that???"

Smoothing a sticker hastily on a card he looked up at me and said: "Yeh, treat 'em nice and special."

All I know is if I got a Valentine like that I'd think he was feigning commitment. And he is- to all of them.

My elementary years are starting to make sense. And when J is being chased by all the girls, I'm gonna show him this pic below and remind hiim of his equality charachteristics.

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