Monday, February 14, 2011

Awwww... He's Mine!

"Come on, jump up! It's Valentine's Day!" I chirped to get my littlest Valentine outta bed.

After checking up on his progress, he said: "Can you believe it's already Valentine's Day?"

"Umm, no. Hurry we gotta get you out the door." i bent down to help push the socks onto his feet.

"Mom, it's been almost 8 years that we've been together!"

I stopped mid sock. He already is getting this "Love 'Em up" on Valentine's Day thing, down pat.

Morning prayer did reveal doubts in his abilities, however. He asked for divine help in getting the right Valentines to the right folks and hoped that the day wouldn't "burn up".

I hope things don't get that hot over there at the elementary as well. :(

On the way to school I saw all these kids showing up with their boxes decorated. I asked him if we needed to decorate his box before we sent it to school last week.

J replied: "My teacher is so nice, she said I didn't need to!"

What a sweetie.

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