Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Sat. and Reflections of the Week

Saturday I woke up, checked my clock, and reveled in the fact that I had a few more minutes more to sleep before I had to be up and at 'em.

Closing my eyes I laid there in the warmth, a sigh-o-relief washing over me and then I started going through the mental list of To-Do's.

1. Family member baptism. doh. Sunday dress on a Saturday was not going to fly well with J. He struggles with this even on the Sabbath.

2.BBall game;

3.both events within an hour of eachother.

The relaxation turned to caculating time in my head.
Adding the amount of time it took to shower, do my hair/face, and get the baller ready for a church event and pack his bag for a game; subtracting a guesstimate at how long it would take to have our 'lil sweetie dunked in the font; multiplying the probability of not making the game on time against the lights on 17th street: I started to get ancy.

Cold footed child added to the equation of the day when he climbed under my covers and put his feet on my leg, plunging me into a freezing wake up call.

The shock made me conjure up all the things on the table: taxes, appointments, and well, you know.

Finding steely resolve to not start the day off hollering, I turned and rubbed noses, blew kitten breath into J's face, and faked happiness.

We snugged and laid there in the silence until a sound broke it.

"Is there a flood?"

"That was my stomache"." I said dryly.

"Does my manual digestion really sound like a FLOOD?" I asked myself.

That sealed the morning's chirpy start.

Miraculously the baptism convened with enough time for us to get to the game. Changing in the back of the car he tore off the shirt, replaced it with a short sleeved one he had to dig out of the hamper, and pulled on his jersey.

Once he started pulling off his trousers on 17th he was busting up. I was swirling through traffic simultaneously eyeing the digital time. I looked back to see him pinned by the seat belt.

It had locked him in place with his pants down. I had to slow down and laugh. He got his shorts on and then realized he had no other shoes but the black church shoes he'd worn to the Baptism.

"Mom," he whined at the prosect of having to walk into the gym in his shoes.

"Oh, at least you don't have to play the game in them like they did in the olden days." I lied.

"nobody will notice if you hussle in, trade those out for your bball shoes, and start practicing."

Which he did.

A cute friend of mine was there, along with her husband, who said: "Did you know it was her Bday today?" In a really sweet way.

"No I didn't!" I said and asked what she'd gotten.

"She hasn't opened all her presents yet." the husband said, smiling at her.

I was oozing jealousness. A man that bought more than one present, by himself, and wrapped them, too? Oh, geez.

"She'll probably take half of them back." he laughed and nudged her.

Eying my friend I said: "Does he not have good taste?"

She explained that it was only to get the right size, or the one coat hugged her arm too tight. etc. She rightly explained that it would be easier to just go together and she could pick out what she wanted, and get it right- the firts time.

After the shock of witnessing sincere affection I had to tell my friend that I was on team husband. If you can get a guy that will take the time to find a great gift, that he wants for his honey, man that is a great gift in and of itself. Granted, they have a passle of kids, could fall back into the routine of reality and efficiency. but.... wow.

The game came to a close. J. played great, and I was starved to eat the breakfast, and now lunch, that I'd missed.

Husband said: "Where do you want to go to eat?" to friend, wife.

"McDonalds or Taco Bell?" he gave her the choice. (they did have all the kids)
I had to smile. We all walked out of the gym when one of husband and wife's kids checked out j. and said: "Church shoes?"


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