Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Powerful Women

Like a magnet I have been drawn to books lately that have the same thread underlying them; Stong women.
Jeannette Walls faces her past with the honesty that her mother, a homeless woman by choice helps inspire her to have. The book will have you laughing while in horror at the neglect her parents inflict upon her and her siblings. Yet us suburban moms can learn a thing or two from the crazy couple that are her parents. They taught her an appreciation for art, physics, writing, and gave her opportunities to learn that couldn't have come any other way: literally she had to sink or swim.
This woman swims. Not only can she get herself out of a hot spring with out being scalded to death but she can take on crashing waves of neglect, abuse, and poverty making you giggle the whole way through her sordid life. I applaud her and agree: "That every interesting woman has a past'

Even when Crazy Horse should be pining for a male offspring he delights in his first born daughter naming her: "Those who fear her." Because one day she will sire some pretty strong warriors.

DaVinnci Code understands the importance of siring offspring. Dan Brown talks about the female importance as he weaves a story of Mary Magdalene and her importance to Christ.

Carolyn Jessop has been a treat to know on face book and I applaud her efforts to escape her polygamist prison and have the guts to tell us about it.

Clori in the old pioneer book: The Giant Joshua is teaching me a little more about a positive attitude in the fictional face of Carolyn Jessop's story. They are mirror lives yet one isn't fiction but they both have heart wrending stories to tell. Initially you think: "those poor things"
Then you realize that those experiences made them strong and that was their reward. At least for now.....

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