Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oklahonolooshi Winner!

A Ms. Brenda Kamka is the winner for her creative use of the word: Oklahanolooshi!

I met Ms. Kamka when her son returned from Iraq. Jaden and I had made a poster and jumped on our bikes which we rode two blocks to the IF airport. Riding down the rode lined with American flags and Harley Davidson motorcyclists was inspiring and emotional! As Vince Kamka left the plane a hush grew over the crowd and we watched as the Kamka family walked on the tarmac to greet their brave son.

All were silent as the family hovered around the casket. Then Vince was loaded into the black hurse and driven down the road where many had gathered to thank him.

As Jaden and I stood with our sign blowing in the wind an officer walked toward us. I was scared we were in trouble for being so close, but upon his arrival he said that Vince's mother wanted to thank us. I looked at her getting into the van with her husband and ached for her. I went to the funeral home web sit and wrote her a note.

A friendship ensued and I was able to learn that not only did Vince die for us at a young age but he left an endowment that has blessed children with a school in Africa and the children in Iraq with toys among other things.

So here is the winning entry:
using the word oklahanolooshi
Friday, May 29, 2009 7:29 PM
"Amanda Dierenfeldt"

Long ago in a former life I journeyed to the land of the Shoshoni and became one with you. Our village sat in an area of wide, panoramic,pristine beauty with views remminisent of the day of the first sun and moon. I lived among you when Lewis and Clark came and we rejoiced together because of the great reunion with our sister, Sacajawei. You carried me upon your shoulders over the trails together to see the Great Snake and we climbed the fertile mountains back to our village. My vision came early, the owl called and we knew I must go the way of all earth, up the trail to the Great Spirit. I was destined to return early to watch over my Shoshoni family in the great land of forever. I walk with our father,oklahanolooshi. It is here that you will find me in your dreams and visions. I am a guide, watching for your return to the home of the Great Spirit, our father.

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