Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Final Tid bit on James Herriot.. or so I thought

Well, I cosyed up to another book of Herriot's and did some re-search online about his son's memoir about his father. Herriot's real name is Alf Wight and his son, James Wight wrote a nice little memoir.
I read a review online by Elizabether Route and she said that in 1966 after 26 years of marriage and working life Alf had 20 pounds to his name. That the 60's were the darkest period of his life.
If you read his work you can't imagine that this man could look through a dark lens, but alas like us all, he is human. After his father's death he went into a depression and a nervous collapse that: "turned his normally quiet and accepting personality inside out." Ms Route says in her critique.
I was sad to see that but then being able to see a truly human side made him more endearing.
I have some tweaking to do on TR and then will send it on.

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