Saturday, June 13, 2009


The book Gilead by Marilynn Robinson is set towards the end of Rev John Ame's life 1965ish , and is a letter to his young son, which is an account of his life and progenitors because he is dying.

I am into the third CD and usu am listening to it at bed time. So it is kind of a sleepy book in my opinion. It may pick up. but I gleaned this from the first CD: Encouraging his son to control his temper he says: "A little too much anger too often or at the wrong time can destroy more than you can ever imagine... Above all mind what you say. 'Behold how much wood is kindled by how small a fire and the tongue is a fire.'"

I had to laugh at this because just the other day I gave Jaden a little of a lecture on this as we played b-ball. He was getting frustrated and mad. I said: "Anyone can control a ball (cause he is good and makes lots of shots and can dribble) , but a man that can control his temper is really amazing." The hilarity is that I need to take my own advice.

Anyway the the reverend really touched on a chord with me when he said: "Writing feels like a prayer. You feel that you are with someone. I feel that I am with you now (his boy) whatever that can mean considering you are only a little fellow now. When a man these letters may be of no interest to you. These letters may never reach you.... How deeply I regret any sadness you have suffered and how grateful I am in anticipation of any good you have enjoyed. That is to say, I pray for you. And their is intimacy in it. That's the truth."

As I have kept journals and written words of wisdom down I have felt that same sense for my own son. Wondering when and if he will want to read it. That last paragraph sums up why I am sending some info your way... so that it doesn't just sit in a book until it is read. It is more or less imposed like a door to door salesman!

Lately I am falling in love more and more with James Herriot. Who is the vet I told you about before. I even found online that he has a museum in his honor. It is interactive and the kids would love it. However it is in England and will have to go on my list of wishes.

The Titanic museum in town has really spurned my interest. And I have enjoyed learning about the ship that rescued those in the life boats: Carpathia. And those that were around but did not head the red flags or signals to Titanic's stress.

I will save that for another email. If you are in town head to the museum and also Barnes and Noble tonight. Jaden's elementary is having a book fair and I will read: Skippyjon Jones. Jaden will don a cape and play El Skippito and I will be there with my apron being Mama Junebug Jones!!
Adios muchachitos!

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