Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Raised A Boy Today poem

I Raised A Boy Today!

My husband arrived home from work;
I rushed to give a kiss
Please sit with me for just a while
And I whipped out my list

A marvelous list 14 feet long
Of chores I’d done that day.
My house was shining brilliantly,
The clothes, washed and put away.

The cupboards freshly painted,
The carpets steamed and scotched,
Bathroom showers gleaming,
And the house plants in new pots.

The children played outside today
But when they heard three claps,
Came running in for sandwiches
Then put down for naps.

They slept three hours; darlings them
And when they did awake
Played quietly in play room
My schedule not to shake.

I put together dinner,
Fresh bread, of course I made.
Matching stoneware; lovely sight
With parsley on the plate.

“My darling”, said the husband
Why you just can’t be beat!
Every chore on here checked off
From the top down 14 feet!

“I know!” I said quite sweetly
I was valiant all day long,
So the children, if they’re willing
Could call me: “Super Mom”!

Twelve hours later Mom awakes
To meet a brand new day.
She sat to make her second list
And plan out her array.
Breakfast pancakes flipping,
Only two kids in their place.
Novw where was little Billy,
He so loves to feed his face.

Then round the corner, here he came
“Hey Mom, I need some help.
My hamster twins are missing
And so is half my belt!”

I glared down at my three year old.
My eyes began to roll.
My schedule cannot tolerate
Interruptions don’t you know?!!

I guess this once, so off we went
To hunt with all our might.
There! Both asleep in sister’s shoe
And we giggled at the sight.

By now I’d lost one hour
Of my precious, precious time.
I turned to gather dishes,
Start the wash and I’d be fine.

I hadn’t even checked one chore
And Billy’s at my side….
“Hey, Mom, stand here and count to ten
And I’ll go off and hide.”

“Now Billy Dear, I have no time
For nonsense game like this.”
But saying no was hard to do,
So I counted as he wished.

Back to my chores third time around
To keep my schedule true,
Find his clothes, get Billy dressed
Now just to find his shoes.

Billy found them on his own
And sat to try his luck.
He hammed left foot inside right shoe
With tongue and laces stuck.

“Let me help you, Little Bill.
For me it is no trick.”
“I can do it Mom! He cried
And he stuffed to make it fit

I showed him how to fix his socks,
And tongue pulled up with care.
Then standing back to watch him try
Was all that I could bear.

On wrong feet and laces loost.
He did it on his own.
My scheduled day all blown apart.
But his independence shown.

Now back to my list of chores,
I’ll try with all my might.
“Hey, Mom, now that I am all dressed
Let’s go and fly the kite!”

“Now Billy Boy, you must admit
The chores neglected dear.”
“Mom, the breeze outside will go away
But chores don’t disappear!”

I can’t believe I said this,
Words came rolling from my lips.
“Let’s take a lunch and grab the kids,
And don’t forget the chips.”

The four of us, a quilt, a lunch
One kite, one ball of twine.
No time at all out kite did soar,
All two miles of the line.

We played, we munched, we laughed, we ran.
What fun we had today.
This special event happened
Just cause Billy had his way.

Hours later, we strolled home
Four happy tired folk.
Dropped down into cozy beds,
Slept two till we woke.

My husband arrived from work.
I rushed to give a kiss.
He sat down on dirty laundry
As I whipped out my list.

“You need not show me, wife,” he said,
The house speaks for itself.
The front room filled with clothe and toys
And dust upon the shelf.”

“Why you’ve not raised a finger,
Swished a broom or made a bed.”
“I know, I said quite proudly,
I raised a boy instead!”

Coreen Allen

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