Sunday, May 24, 2015

Strength Tape Results

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Well, I followed through on the three different types of "athletic" tape for you Readers! And myself.

Guess what!

The Strength Tape brand of kineosotape- however you choose to spell it -was some pretty tough stuff and, unlike the KT brand, it stayed put! It wins! Just it can't win for me....

 I was as careful, as the instructions said to be, and uncurled the edges after two days of it staying put.

HOWEVER, it made my tender skin more tender and, you won't believe this because I couldn't, it  ended up giving me an allergic reaction: itchy skin in the area I taped. Oh! The Sorrow!

I had such high hopes of something alleviating the pain, healing muscle, and providing stability. You can't put a layer of pre wrap beneath it or it takes away the properties that supposedly make oxygen get to the muscle.

See all the endless possibilities there could have been had I not had such thin, allergy prone skin???

around the Arizona brace that is coming my way very soon readers.
It has a Victorian look to it I guess. So this will be my brace. The brace that will protect my unstable ankle.
The brace that will make me have to wear a size bigger shoe.

So I get to invest in some bigger shoes for those inevitable trips to Wal-Mart walking what distance I can. I actually am grateful. I hate rolling my ankle or having it be, well, unstable.

So tonight I type with a very red, itchy, and indented (foot brace) right foot while shaking my head.
The strength tape had the warning of possible itchiness and to use some sort of Benadryl lotion before hand but I didn't have any on hand and went for it.

I have friend that reminds me that things could always be worse....

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