Saturday, May 23, 2015

College Dream,Dusty Chocolate, Rain

No, I am not talking about part of the American Dream where you go, graduate from college and then marry and buy a house. I am referring to a real dream involving college.

  I just woke up from one of those dreams I have about me back in the past and this one is me in the college setting trying to finish with my BA and wondering how I got there.

This time it was in a co-ed dorm, all the rooms were taken, which I found out by going down the hall and opening each one to find only one twin sized bed which had a girl sleeping in it. And the only person helping me was a guy that wasn't in his bed (it was really early in the morning but he was up singing in between helping me pull some camping equipment from the living room closet to put down a mattress so I could at least sleep before classes started in the morning. Which I was really thankful for. And was thinking he wanted me to know for sure that his major had to do with the Arts.

AS the dream progressed, the dire situation became apparent: I didn't know which college I was at, where the registrar's office was, and to add to the woes- I realized I couldn't walk well. And how was I going to pay for it?

 A girl from one of the rooms woke up, came out to talk and I guess that's when I met her and that's when I found out I was one apartment down from the one I should be in because I saw a ticket stub on the dishwasher say C-17 and I was supposed to be in 18.  How did she know that? it was too late to move my stuff at that time of night anyway.

The guy was singing to sorta "show off" his abilities, I felt, and the girl, upon me asking if she was nervous about being in college said: "No, I feel stronger now than ever."

And I pictured her carrying her back pack around campus and passing complex classes.

It's like those dreams where you wake up and think you missed class or were late for a test. Or got sent back out on your mission but you are a mother and wonder what to do with your child as conventional childcare is a bit more difficult. Or worse yet, you are in the middle of a large row of people and need to beat it to the bathroom.

But what is MORE difficult is dealing with the task at hand and being sick. That one always causes me a conundrum.

Then the dream panned out and that is running through my head and I'm in the dark trying to get to sleep so I can be rested for the day and notice the ceilings in this expensive apartment are low because I can put my feet up, touch them and feel some swirly, pattern and, even though it is dark, I know it is white (mine are) and then my feet stop dead in their tracks on the ceiling and I have this thought: "Where the heck is J.?"

That's when I woke up to blog rather than toss and turn.

Oh, and chocolate was in this dream. Funny what you recall as you write about it right after.

 As I was hanging up my coat, the heavier set guy/roommate had chocolate decorations around the place and offered one to me.

 I thought: "That isn't something you leave out. I mean, trinkets get dusty. Why would you leave chocolate out, let alone decorate with it?"

Dusty chocolate. I told him thanks but put the little bunny in my pocket.


A bit like Alice in Wonderland, I supposed as I heard thunder roll in the distance. Which kinda made me laugh because Padre and I had a moment the other day that had to do with umbrellas.

Readers, it has been a torrential down pour the last few days; the gutters filled to max capacity. And the back seat of Padre's truck holding brand new, super sized umbrellas. Until I made a comment on a sunny day awhile back that it was hard to sit back there with a beach umbrella stuck in my hip.

So I put one end on top of my lap and Jade put the other side on top of his and we talked to each other in between the swaying of a dry chamois hung from a hanger from one of those clothing poles that Padre has there in case he has to shine the window up from the inside or hang clothes that he doesn't want wrinkled.

So fast forward to the tsunami that hit one evening and he says.....

"Sure wish we had those umbrellas.." Padre trailed off as the rain pounded down in plaid like fashion: sideways, sky to earth, criss-crossed, etc.

"You have two in the back!" I said looking at him like he set out chocolate trinkets to collect dust bunnies.

"Nope, I took 'em back. Mom thought we didn't need them."

"I think she thought you didn't need TWO kept in the truck. One might be left inside so you could get to the truck with it, etc."

"Oh," he said and suddenly we were in the changing lane that led to Wal-Mart. And before I knew it he was back outside with his umbrella. I know it was his because he said:

"They were out of all of them and so I went to the customer service desk and asked them if they had the ones I returned and they did!" he exclaimed with the satisfaction of someone who not only likes a good deal but likes to be prepared.

He hurried so fast he was able to use the industrial strength umbrella before it stopped raining. And that made him pretty happy. Which is another trait of those who like to be prepared.

So while many of you out there are hoping for good Memorial Day weather, I think one person is hoping and not objective to A LOT of rain because he has Idaho wind proof umbrellas to keep us dry.

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