Monday, May 18, 2015

Stomach Flu, Leuko Tape, Custom Sunflower

AND SMILE like he does!
Kurt (from etsy shop: Piggy and Dirt) made this custom star for me.
 I wanted something to help me and J. remember what to do just that!  And to Follow the Son, like the Sunflowers do. He has a store on etsy called: Piggy and Dirt and I think this is one of my favorites.
I sure do hope some of the seeds I have planted in the past will spring up in our garden this year as I will not be actively gardenng.
At all.
Oh, how I miss my tall, Mammoth Sunflowers!
(some guy's sunflowers from the Texas Daily. Lucky. Mine dont' get that big.)
So last week the flu hit our house like a tsunami.
 So we had to go into hospital grade cleaning mode and there was extra laundry and I was just glad that I had help.
Thanks, help!
Because I couldn't get sick. I had a scope coming up and it was an important one. One morning after cleaning up "flu" in the bathroom I got that gut wrenching feeling that makes you want to curl up in a ball and basically die.
Missed an appointment. A precious, wait several weeks to get into a specialist appointment.
Those are discouraging moments.
 (I love how Kurt can make me whimsical things stars. You just tell him what ya want and wha-la!)
I am sure you are wondering when the lueko tape part comes in. Pretty much now.
First of all, what is lueko tape? I have talked about KT tape and Rock Tape because I had purchased them to see if they could help stabilize my ankles during the summer months when it is hot and not have the bulk of the huge moon boot one wears after foot surgery.
Leukotape is a rayon-backed, latex-free rehabilitation tape with a high tensile strength. Its zinc oxide adhesive ensures that once wrapped Leukotape will remain in place for hours, even when a patient is active and in motion. Leukotape is used in combination with Cover-Roll Stretch, a support adhesive bandage.
After my P.T. used it on the arch of my foot I found relief. We didn't go all out and wrap my ankle.
And for the record, the Rock tape is kineosology tape and they are two different things.
Didn't know this. Now I do. And after going through the whole flu, scope, stricture situation- I really don't care to blog.
 I "planted" some fake yellow tulips in one of the planters. And found some sweet discounted fake flowers for grave bouquets.
hm. I don't think I have ever said that-- A Grave Bouquet.
Maybe I should make a business of it.
I hope they look "joyful" because the real ones around town have made me happy that spring is here.
the heroes in all this.
IImage result for picture of 7 up

Thank you 7-Up, Pedialyte and Saltines for making it possible for us to endure last week.

Oh, and Listerine.
Does anyone want to come over and plant Mammoth Sunflowers in Padre's garden?

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