Monday, May 11, 2015

KT tape vs. Rock Tape

I told you I would do a test about which was best- KT tape didn't last as long and the Rock tape did but it didn't really help with the pain issue and I found my prednisone skin meant that taking it off- I had to be super careful.

So now I have Strength Tape coming and it will probably be the Bees Knees. And I will use it judiciosuly- cause it can really harm thin skin.

Darn! I was looking forward to an answer to not wearing a bulky brace as much. Which rubs against the skin too by the way and I have to wear band aids.

Thank goodness for those!

By the way the best band aids, for me, is not Band Aid brand. It is the Curad brand. Sticks. But roll it off if you are on prednisone or be VERY careful tearing it off.

The Cushing's/Campbells Girl:

(Me after the looooong term prednisone use.)

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