Monday, March 30, 2015

Getting Kissed

Jaden wearing my glasses back when he was two.  The last of his chubby cheeks were evident and would soon fall off.  wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is only fair I should endure the same punishment I meted out on Jaden when he was little:
Being kissed.
(I went to find the lips on Piggy and Dirt's site and found this:
Now, folks, as we all know- glass and baseballs DO NOT go together. J. has had to take care of one window, no TWO due to mixing them both.

Or a boy/ man will grab a mitt , toss it around and end up breaking something.

 They will toss that ball with you or against the fence somewhere and find something you love dearly, and break it.
Sorry. It is cute, like their cheeks. But it can only end in tears.

J's cheeks were SO STINKin' CUTE!

(The next slew of photos will be of cute cheeks. Crying, or not. They will be of our 'StAr BabIes' and some stars of Kurt's from Piggy & Dirt's etsy site... I found some stars I never knew were there like the one up above.   I guess Instagram is for that sort of thing but with my situation, it's all old news by the time I go to see it...

(a very happy, cute, kid. LB, Not crying. A plus Star Baby!)

J had the chubb, dimpled kind of cheeks that women in church fight over in sacrament meeting to hold.

He had a huge  orange slice smile..... okay, so this photo below is not wedged yet. BUT if Katy Star- Juicy Orange Star-- 9 inch lacquered and stained glass star
it were, Piggy and Dirt's stars off etsy would match my post better. Darn that Dirt! Wow, this makes me thirsty looking at it though! I love the stripes! I love the petals the same! How does one choose??

Did you know they are really good cooks?\ Becky and Kurt Knudson- the star makers. I learned this while looking at their instagram posts. Wow. Talent. They do more than make stars.  

J was genuinely curious from the go. His first day in a sacrament meeting he giggled at the organ being played as if it were the circus rather than church.

He had a good throwing arm right from the start- just went the wrong way. He'd open his hand once he got his arm pulled back.

So it is only fair now that my cheeks are HUGE, he gets to kiss them or pinch them. Gently. But he does it.  And, like the child hood ryhme- it makes me squeek out:

"AH!- my neck!"
oh, and then I cry.

Kidding! Actually, he does come by and will randomly grab my face, plant one on my cheek, and say:
"Love ya, Momma."

"I just love those cheeks!"
(he acts like he really does. It isn't some self esteem thing to make my chip munk cheeks bigger than they are.. )

Which I appreciate.

 I love getting kissed, it's HOW he does it- laying his hand side my face and gently turning it, to kiss it better, that makes it really hurt.

After being kissed, and when I am tempted to bawl out with pain, I am reminded that I kissed him a lot as a kid and need to reel in the comments because I don't know how long he will keep this up.

Probably he will stop after this blog post. He doesn't read it so it's safe to say: "I'm safe."

Last night he was so nice.

After begging him to rub my feet- he did. I don't know why but he was born with something wrong with his hands. When I tell him to put some lotion on- he does just that minus the rubbing in part. Something happened at birth that made it impossible for him to understand or know how to rub in the lotion. He sorta slaps it on then leaves.

* Piggy and Dirt  star kiss off etsy.

Dear J.

If you ever read this. Thanks for all the smooches. I wish I didn't have to feel pain when you go to give me a kiss good bye or hello. I hope that you don't stop. It is coming up on Mother's Day and I want you to know that I am feeling a gratitude right now for you.
I can't believe how much you have grown in just the 6th grade. It has flown by faster than a Blue Angel just after we'd left the bathroom in that one hangar the day we saw them. Remember that??
Pictures are somewhere on this blog.....
You are sleeping right now. Everyone is. I am drinking a chalky drink to coat the throat. Thanks for rubbing my feet last night when they hurt so bad. It makes me laugh that you used gloves to put lotion on my feet. You make me laugh.
LIfe is hard. You will have a lot of experiences to draw analagies from like I have in my writing or journals. The other day, when you fell on your bike, you were a ways from home. The wound stung and you didn't have your water bottle so you were thirsty. It's easy to be in a bad mood under those circumstances. It's exactly those moments when you have to rise above and begin a coversation with your Heavenly Father.

That's all I can say for now.  I need to do the same.



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