Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Piggy & Dirt B-Day & P.T.

Okay, Readers! The last day of my all month posting of Piggy & Dirt Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is how this Leap Year Story started.....

The Padres picked up a delicious white cake from Sam's club so that I could put a cute polka dot star, (shown up above) that my finger accidentally ordered from Piggy & Dirt a long time ago,

Padre: "You put one of your stars on the cake?"

"I washed it first, Dad! Good grief! And, yes, I did. It's a Piggy & Dirt month."

Jaden helped me decorate for the bday- we started last week so that we would be only half way finished by the time kids came. First I put up some stuff  in the window for the month of March.  You know, the usual lucky charm stuff.

And a sunny Piggy& Dirt star at the end of rainbow- Abig sunny, star-better than gold. Unless you have medical bills issues then you might want some gold.

(Kurt Knudsen's stars are the great to look at. )
I left some pink from last month because it was cute and a Valentine monster reminds me of a certain nephew......

(Certain Nephew. He took drinking from a cheap, Wal-Mart straw very seriously.)
After I asked for tape, to put up pink and lime green streamers, he handed me packing tape and then disappeared like a leap year. Since I was putting the streamers in the window, I occasionally saw a kid ride up and down the street who resembled my own kid,

 I put up three lines of  twirled streamers and then put some stars up and had to rest.

Somewhere between when Feb. 28th and March 1st, I became 9 still. In leap years! Yes! I aged but not aged, aged because I am a Leap Year Girl and stayed the same for the same reason. Very odd.

I am very excited for today because the nephews are coming over for cupcakes. And to take home party favors. (I love being an Aunt and I wish that I could lift them up and schoosh them with hugs and kisses.

Then I have physical therapy. So does Padre. So we go together.

(I have no idea where I found this but it was in my files and so here it is. So I guess a don't get a wish but an angel. Which could be better )

Readers, It's a joy spending Padre/ Daughter time at the same time we go to physical therapy.

It's almost as if it was meant to be!  The drives have allowed us to draw closer. Despite being in separate rooms, we lay there with moist heat on the various parts of our bodies and he will text me on occasion.

Him: "You done yet?"

ME: unable to answer but hear the "ding" of my phone if I haven't put it on silent.  Then, upon finishing my regimen and getting dressed, I look to see he has texted me on my phone so I hurry and throw on my clothes and dash from the room only to find he has left the premises! Dan the tech thankfully told me he was waiting in the car. He was listening to talk radio.

He has only left me once; when he had an appt. collide with our appts. and my session went longer than his as usual.  I wonder if that is a good thing or bad thing I go longer? They haven't started to torture him yet. But we both were pretty darn sore the last couple weeks. And they just introduced the row exercises!

Going to Physical Therapy together also gives us time to bicker.  The drive is only 24 minutes across town so we don't have time to get into a big discussion but we can touch upon the little things such as why he likes the blinds in the kitchen left open, or closed,  a certain way. Or why he keeps blindly doing certain things.

On our rides, or at home, he likes to ask my professional opinion about tools that help with therapy- like the weight of a dumb bell or possibly a band that you can put on the door knob and pull. I guess it is so he can get a jump start on the next thing the Therapist will throw at us.

I just shrug cause I am not even to that point. But ya gotta stay positive, eh!?

 They threw in the row boat exercises and we both had to bail overboard after some serious soreness. I think Padre is just copying me- don't tell him that.

Yes, it is pathetic that adding a few minor things like the "row" exercises in three sets of 1o  with the stretchiest rubber pulls, (the yellow one)would cause such a problem, but when you are starting from scratch- you have to literally start from scratch.

Which means you have to come and lay on a table where there is moist heat wrapped all around you and while electrodes do something to your muscles that make them feel like you ran a marathon, you sweat profusely. Well, I do. By the time the buzzer goes off, my mascara is running passed my ears and into my hair.

So after the marathon effects of sweating they put goop on you and then ultra sound. Which must heat up and beat up what is left of your poor tissues, muscles, veins, etc.

And all you did was lay there in a gown, look up at the ceiling because a neck brace, also is strapped to you with Velcro. prohibits your movement. A velcro strap holds it on and in place when it is put over my upper lip. Which sort of resembles a white mustache.

As the spidery feeling of electricity is blasting your body, you have time to reflect on how painful such a small thing can be.

I could go on and on about how fun therapy is, much like a birthday party, but I am too sore and pecking out the words is getting old. (wrist braces are the worst if you are trying to write or type.)

So, Readers, more later- it's time to roll this post out before it becomes more stale than Padre's week old french bread from Albertson's. (they do day old. he keeps it for a long time and loves to make toast with it. I'm surprised his teeth are not chipped.)

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