Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bye Snow, Hello SPRING & Fatties!


Idaho is acting like a vacation destination. I mean for people who like sun! It has hit the 70's! The ski resorts have had to resort to bringing out things a certain bike ironically called The Fattie or Fat Bike.

It has big tires.
Get it?

Hope no one with Cushings or a spare tire is offended.

Speaking of tires, You know how Padre would mess up my garden by putting tires around the tomatos? They now paint tires and put babies in them and high end photographers take the child's picure and it is then placed up on a wall.

I am not kidding. Kudos for recycling~! You can have our tires..... but I imagine we are going to need them because Idaho must have some trick up its sleeve; some joke to play on us and our beautiful crocuses that are now blooming.

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