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Martin's Pistorius' Father and February nears its End

What a Hoot Star. Owl centered stained glass star
(Kurt Knudsen's 'What a Hoot' star. The glass is black. It looks matte gray. Which is cool!)
* As you can see this is an older and not raw post but some things have popped up that have needed attention. I hope I can get "caught up" with you Readers to present tense but it is hard right now!

it snowed the other day!

Yes, J. was very happy! And like a Snowman in a warm climate, it melted.

Which is like June weather for us Idahoans. then got cold. Which is Idaho being its true self. Of course I left my coat in a Dr. office for the cold part. And then, when it was hot, sweat to death driving around in my artic coat.

J. reminded me that it is still snowing in the mountains! I am sure the ski resorts will tell you the same thing! 

(Kurt Knudesen's star: Silver Glimmer on Etsy. If I had looked into this one closer- I would have ordered it. And look at the yellow colored ones... wow. You could have a huge tree in a lodge in a rich snow resort covered with these...... Sundance once had Kurt and Becky's stars in their catalog. So, maybe they did. We don't get to those resorts often. actuall, ever. heh. heh.

I had to tell him my P.T. had to drive clear up to Banff to ski some good snow.....

J: "Where is that?"

ME: "Canada"

J: Where is that?

ME: Exactly.

"Can't we just get into biking season? Where you go bike out front and we skip ski season?"

Piggy and Dirt (Kurt and Becky's Silver Glimmer star on etsy)

I pled in a prayer one night. J would kill me if he knew. Because I have been telling him that
this year was all about SKIING!!!!

I mean, Readers, you saw my Christmas posts.....I decorated with that in mind.

His great, big soul is so desirous to ski.

If Saloman Free Ski TV knew how he watched them, they'd make him an honorary..... something. But, seriously, he watches the moves of the skiers. Announced to me he was going to go to a school in HS that teaches in the off season. I mean, the kid wants to ski and the closest resort is closed down now that it all melted. Sorry Kelly Canyon!!

Personally feel like I am skiing, or at least in the cartoon Frozen, due to laying on an ice pack right now, one wrapped around an ankle and lower leg, and then trying to drink fluids.

(Barely Frozen Stars...... cool, eh!? For all you northerns. And those who have cool palettes to your to your decorations.)

Readers, I am fighting. I am doing my physical therapy. I am not doing anything while my body tries to heal. That's the hardest part. Not  doing anything. And at other times- I can't even pull myself out of a dream. LIke Martin Pistorius tells in his book. The worst moments of his being unable to communicate was when he was asleep, had a nightmare and could not call to his mom for help.

That makes me so sad..... for him to have suffered that because even in my situation, if I hear J. talk in his sleep or stir or have a bad dream and say something- I am immediately awake. And I call out to him from my room: "It's okay, son, I'm right here."

Despite being literally "frozen" in his body, unable to communicate, he had the constant reassurance from his father as a guardian over him.

Each night his father would dress him for bed, tossle his hair and say: "Goodnight, boy."
And when I read that his father set an alarm for every TWO hours of every night of his 9 year prison, to come and turn him so as to avoid bed sores, I wept.

Yes, each parent suffered in their own way. His father fell into a depression too. But he resorted to a mechanical routine of taking care of Martin. I think his wife and other two children suffered as a result from the emotional end of things. But Martin's dad held him close. Kept him in the home- didn't send him to a nursing home.

(Teal Sea Anemone and my first Piggy and Dirt Star. It is gorgeous.)
My great grandmother's worst fear was the nursing home. I think that is why they lived so long; to avoid the nursing home! It made me chuckle a bit but when they did end up in the nursing home, I visited as much as I could.  And my grandma did so much!

Reading Martin's book prepared me to face that fear- a nursing home. Because I didnt' think of it much until I started to get older! What's the big deal I wondered? Other than some dude bathing you- and the smell. And sharing a room with some one who was dying or something.

His mom, he even defends, could not bare to see the "parody of the son she had lost."
Which, in the Pistorius household, his father took to doing the same thing day in and out for his son.

Martin would start with five hours left until his dad picked him up, and started to count. Backwards until the clicking of his boots came down the green tiled hallway where he'd been staring at ants battle to the death or other toys, like a small airplane to transport him until that blessed moment when his dad entered the room and freed him.

They listened to cricket matches on the radio on the 3o minute ride home and he loved it! I have no idea about Cricket other than it was on an episode of Downton Abbey....

I scoffed at it initially but have been grateful for the whole thing to help me through life. And besides where would J. and I learn how to do the "Downton Abbey" photo ops?

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