Monday, March 16, 2015

Dear Amanda

Feeling a bit tired but had to share this card I got for my bday. I received so many nice things- thank you!

Happy Birthday dear ~ Amandaaaaa…….

Happy birthday to you!! How old are you now?

Still 9? You never age, I’m jealous. This card will probably be a little late, but I hope that you have a

great birthday and that you are treated well. .

        I know I don’t need to get you anything, but I wanted to give you something you could use. So….

because I’m super practictical and because you have a sense of humor, I decided to order you an “Easy Go Pro. ” Not to be confused with “Go Pro”

(I wish I could have gotten you one of those but unfortunately I had to improvise). You’ll see what I mean.

If we’re lucky, this card and your gift will arrive on the same day so you won’t be in suspense too long.

Your family is going to think I’m weird.

I want to thank you for your friendship, it means so much to me.


You were such a fun friend growing up, and I’m so thankful for that. Now, even though our lives are so very different than when we were young, I’m grateful we still keep in touch. It’s been fun getting your texts and phone calls. I admire your courage & your faith despite all your challenges. I imagine your mansion above will be much nicer than the rest of us have because of all you’ve had to endure . : )

Here’s to a better year ahead! Love you, Mandy Loo!

Sometimes other's words hit the spot. Those have for quite a few days. * I added the uploaded picture on the 27th and so I read the word's again. Thanks, Ann. And I'm sure I will have a small home- easier to clean.

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