Friday, August 10, 2012

Rodeo Rage and other things I've never seen

Hmmm.... I've never seen that before.
I found myself uttering this a few times this week -when Padre related what he saw during his weekly grocery store shopping.  He saw a woman going over the grapes in an unusual fashion.
(Jaden actually getting his boots dirty, recently at the Rodeo is a first, too.)

Padre's account goes like this:
"I was in Sam's Club, and whether there or other food chains," he rattled off some back ground history for me to get the whole picture of his ordeal,  " and I realized that, occassionally, I get some bad grapes in a bag. If one bag looks worse than another; I buy the best looking
one, with the overall best quality." Padre explained. 

Made sense.
I do that.

"But this lady was going through ALL the grapes to put all the good grapes in one bag. "
I've never seen that before. Grape lady may be on to something. But I still think it's
not proper. But whatever.

The second scene takes place as Padre exits Sam's Club with his cart of toilet paper, milk,
grapefruit and other oversized items.

"Walking out to my car there was a couple walking and the guy just throws hucks his Super-sized
pop in the air in frustration and then gets in his car."

Fight maybe? Tension is getting tighter with the economy- I can see if you had kids hanging off all your appendages, hit bankruptcy, and then to top it off,
were having a nervous collapse there at Sam's. Then, yeh,
hurl your pop in the air; ice and Coke
flings everywhere and someone else picks it up.

Again, I've never seen this before.
But I like imagining the styrofoam cup flying through the air and Padre possibly ducking
to avoid getting hit by it. Just random stuff that come out of nowhere.

I might do this in a moment of severe anger over being sick or something.
It could be really a stress reliever. 

and, yeh, it has some Padre back history to set up my story.
In Utah the Road Rage is over the top- as an Idahoan, I try to keep my tongue in check and forgive
them as they try to forgive us and others that turn on their blinkers and move into the road
in front of them. 

(Had to check our boots at the door afterward.)

But Road Rage went to a whole new level when J. and I  went to the War Bonnet Rodeo.
And I thought the Bulls were tough.
Trying to get out of there, and keep from getting offended, and or killed
was a miracle.

Are things really getting that bad?

I will post on the parking lot WAR more tomorrow. Too tired to go into any sort of detail that still
leaves me wanting to hand out medals or name some of the people involved  like the  owner's of
the livestock used at the Rodeos.

None of the people acted like the Bull: Strawberry Dream. I'll say that.
(I am loving this chair with the turquoise. Put it on my dream.)
That's a good idea. Give me some time- I'll come up with some good ones. Or re-assign some
of those names to the drivers and myself.
You tell me what ya think.

Even if you're from Utah.

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